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As with many healers, the journey towards healing others begins with learning to heal oneself. For Yvonne George this learning process began with learning how to meditate. She then progressed onto learning the art of tarot reading and working with crystals before moving onto learning about Australian Bush Flower Essences. By the time she had progressed onto reiki she had no doubt in her mind that she was following the right life path. In 2002 Yvonne opened her own healing practice and school of healing while still working on developing her own skills. She qualified as a reiki master teacher and also as an angel intuitive. She is also qualified to call herself an Isis Seichim and an urban shaman as well as an NLP trainer and master practitioner, a time line therapy practitioner and a healing and re-connective practitioner. She is also skilled in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and hot stones, and also works as a crystal healing therapist and Hypnosis trainer. She has many strings to her bow.

Self Empowerment

Yvonne uses all of the skills that she has learned and developed to help those who come to her be empowered so that they are able to find their true life direction. She also offers a selection of workshops and courses to enable people to discover their life’s purpose. Yvonne is also a member of the respected Australian Psychics Association and can be seen regularly on Australian television on Psychic TV. She travels all over the country to help those that need guidance and advice, direction and healing to help them transform their own lives and find happiness and contentment. Yvonne discovered her life purpose was to heal, and to guide others and to teach; to live her life to the fullest so that she can gain the experiences that it brings in order to better understand herself. It has taken many years of study for her to able to pass on all that she knows to those who want to find out their own life purpose and heal themselves and also their families.

Horse & Wolf

Along with the development of her healing abilities came the development of her clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance; and with these abilities came the call from a higher power for her to devote her time to helping others. The healing practice that she runs was originally known as ‘Horse and Wolf Healing’ and she discovered that through her practice she could also share her knowledge. This led Yvonne to open the ‘Horse and Wolf School of Healing’; she later changed the name of her practice to ‘Inner Journey Healing’. Horse and Wolf were chosen for the name of the practice as they are the first two of Yvonne’s personal totem animals which assisted her with her healing development and illustrated to her how she should be not only living but enjoying her life.

Yvonne has a definite passion for helping those who need it and travels extensively around Australia. She currently resides in Sydney from where she runs both the healing school and the healing practice.

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