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Your Psychic Senses in Relationships

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We all want to have better relationships. Everyone has family, friends and coworkers that they work hard to get along with. Some relationships are great, some are good and some cause us heartache. Did you know you can use your psychic senses in relationships? Your psychic senses can lead you to have better relationships today.

It is important to know that when you use your psychic senses in relationships, you are not reading people’s minds or looking into secrets that they probably wouldn’t tell you. This could create karma that you wouldn’t want to face later on. Just imagine if someone could do that type of thing to you – would you want them to be able to read your innermost secrets? I think you would want them to be respectful. Always hold the intention that you will focus on someone with the idea of helping your relationship, not to look at their private secrets or anything else that is personal or private. We all deserve some doors that we can close when we want to.

Learn to trust your first impression. Your first impression is most often correct when it comes to your relationships. Relationships can be hard. But when we learn to trust our first impression, relationships get much easier. Haven’t you met someone and said to yourself, “they are a very difficult person” or “this person has a real temper”? Many people when they look back realize that they have feelings like that. But they don’t listen to those little feelings they have. They simply plow ahead and ignore their psychic senses.

You can ask your psychic senses to help tune into your relationships. Ask your psychic senses to tune in to your relationship with your sister or your boyfriend and how they can be improved. Notice exactly what you notice. You may be surprised what comes up. They may be thinking about something that has nothing to do with your relationship, they may be thinking about something else that concerns them. Using your psychic senses can help you to improve the relationships you have by being sensitive to those around you.

One of the best questions you can ask psychically about your relationships is “How can I make them happy?” When you focus on this question psychically, you’ll receive information that will help you understand how you can do your part to make them feel better. If there is anything that you can do to improve the relationship this is where you’ll be shown what you can do.

Learn to tune in to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s energy before you connect with them. Picture them in your mind’s eye as you are going to see them and try to pick up on their mood. Try to pick up any other information about what they are wearing or what is going around near them. Connect with them and send them love so that they feel that you love them. Even if they don’t think they are especially tuned in to their psychic senses, they’ll pick up on this on some level and feel your love.

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