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Uri Gellar (pronounced ‘Oori’) is not a magician as many people would have him labelled. He is by his own admission gifted with the powers of psychokinesis and telepathy. He has been the subject of many scientific and publicised investigations into his abilities, and has become famous the world over for spoon bending, stopping and re-starting watches and clocks and more recently for his humanitarian work. His life has been filled with controversy and debate and even now there are those that believe in what he can do and those who refuse to believe his abilities are real.

An Interesting Life

Uri was born in December 1946 in Israel. He has often recounted how he met with a strange orb of light at the age of four which he believes has something to do with the abilities that he later developed. At five years old he was eating dinner with his parents when the spoon he was using suddenly began to curl up in his hand before snapping into two, startling his parents. He started to further develop this talent and used it to impress his school friends. At age eleven the family left Israel and moved to Cyprus, returning when Uri was aged seventeen. At this point he became part of the Israeli army as a paratrooper. He saw action in 1967 during the six-day war, becoming injured in action. After the army he became a model for a while before beginning to demonstrate the skills that had once entertained his school friends.

A Household Name

By 1971 Uri was known throughout Israel for his abilities and drew the attention of the scientific community. Articles were published in scientific magazines in which the scientists involved claimed that Uri’s powers were indeed genuine. He has been asked to work with both the CIA and the FBI and has even been asked to attend negotiations into nuclear disarmament, in the hope that he can fill the minds of the politicians and military personal involved with positive thoughts. He is regularly asked to give lectures for some of the biggest names in industry which are aimed at encouraging positive motivation. His skills have also been used in the search for oil and mineral deposits. This ability has led to him becoming an honorary Mexican citizen after he located a large untapped oil field off the coast of the country. He works as a Mind Power Coach to football teams, racing drivers and many other international sports men and women.

In the Media

A film was made about Uri’s life called ‘Mindbender’ starring Terence Stamp. The artwork that he produces has gone on show around the world, it has also featured on the album covers of artists like Michael Jackson and Belinda Carlisle. He also designs a range of jewellery and watches crafted from crystals as well as a pottery range which is sold through the shopping channel QVC. He has written more than fifteen bestselling books, appeared on countless television and radio programs and has been behind the creation of some incredible and unique television events.

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