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Tristan Morell has been working as an astrologer, tarot reader and professional clairvoyant for more than eighteen years. Although he is based in London, he has clients from all over the United Kingdom who come to him for guidance and advice. Word has also spread overseas with clients as far away as Saudi Arabia, Thailand and America all seeking him out. Aside from the astrology and the tarot, Tristan is also qualified in the field of palmistry. He is lucky enough to count a number of celebrities and famous faces as his clients, though of course he will not name names for fear of breaching client confidentiality. Tristan is currently in the process of writing a book about his life and his experiences as a clairvoyant, which should make interesting reading. Tristan is used to appearing in print having appeared in a number of magazines including ‘Holidays Home and Abroad’ and ‘Memsahib’ for which he has written a series of columns.

Broad Interests

Tristan is interested in many aspects of the metaphysical world including aura photography. Aside from providing readings and astrological projections Tristan also provides a psychic development course and tarot course for those that want to learn to develop their own abilities and gifts. Students are permitted to progress through the course at their own pace, with help and guidance from Tristan always there if needed. As is he did not have enough to keep him busy, Tristan is also a fully qualified reflexologist with a healthy client base. Reflexology has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians as a means of promoting health and well being as it can help with overall wellness as well as being of use in targeting specific conditions or problem areas using manipulation of the feet to promote well being.  It is also wonderfully relaxing.

How Tristan Works

As his client base is spread internationally, Tristan has developed a number of ways of working. He still carries out face to face readings in London and Brighton, but also offers appointments using Skype as well as over the telephone. Postal readings are also available for those that require them. All of Tristan’s readings include elements of clairvoyance, Tarot and astrology in the hope that he can shed some light into the problems of his clients. Although not a medium he does sometimes receive messages from those in spirit which he is more than happy to pass along to his clients. He considers himself to be lucky in having so many different abilities to draw upon when he is working with clients, and is very grateful to spirit for giving him the ability to work in this way.

Unfortunately, because Tristan is always travelling anyone wanting to have a one to one, face to face reading needs to book their appointment well in advance to ensure that he can see them. Many of his clients seem to prefer a reading over the telephone as this is often faster than any of the other methods he currently uses.

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