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As with many professional mediums Tony knew about his gift from an early age.  As a child he could see people that his friends could not see and hear what they could not hear, he would also occasionally be aware of something that was going to happen before it actually did.  To Tony all of this seemed normal and just a part of who he was, but to those around him it was unnerving and difficult to comprehend.  Tony was born in London into a very close knit family, all through his childhood and adolescent years it appeared as though Tony was a magnet for paranormal events.

The Turning Point

The turning point for Tony came after attending a local spiritualist church and watching the medium working.  This was what felt comfortable and right and it was here when he realised what it was he was meant to do with his life.  This was the moment on Tony’s life that was to define his future career as a respected professional medium.  The following years saw Tony developing his skills, taking every opportunity he could to demonstrate them and perfect them.  One of the defining things about Tony’s mediumship work is the level and quality of information that he receives, as Tony believes that it is through the quality and details of the messages that he provides that offers proof to the living that the spirit world is very real and almost tangible.

A Professional Career

Tony Stockwell has been demonstrating his skills now for over 20 years, and has toured nationally and internationally relaying messages from spirit to those in need of advice, guidance and hope.  More than happy to share the stage with other recognised mediums Tony has worked with James van Praagh a respected American medium on a number of television projects and teaching events, with more planned for the future.  Tony has provided workshops and seminars as well as stage shows and demonstrations of mediumship across Europe, America and Australia, with his international tours growing in size each year.

Tony has become something of a respected teacher in the field of spiritual studies and regularly lectures at London’s College of Psychic Studies and has also lectured for The Spiritual Association of Great Britain.  He is also a registered tutor at the Arthur Findlay College which is considered by many to be the home of spiritualism in Britain.  Now proprietor of his very own teaching and development studio in Essex, the Tony Stockwell Psychic Studio offers a variety of courses covering topics like awareness, development and other subjects related to the psychic field.

In the Media

To date Tony has published four books that have all make it onto the best seller lists, as well as teaching CD’s which have become best sellers in their genre.  Television appearances on shows like the Psychic Detective and Street Psychic, as well as features in magazines have made him a recognisable respectable face of mediumship both nationally and internationally.

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