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TJ Higgs is regarded as one of the most respected professional female mediums in the UK today; she brings to the psychic stage a somewhat fresh approach to the subject of the spirit world and the world of mediumship and the psychic arts.  Her ability to engage on a personal level with her clients and deal with the often sensitive and highly emotionally charged subject of talking with deceased loved ones in spirit, has allowed her to develop a very loyal and dedicated fan base which support all of her appearances wherever she goes.

A Broad Appeal

TJ is very down to earth and very natural in the way that she works and her accuracy has never been called into question.  Whether through live performances on the stage or demonstrations at psychic events both nationally and internationally, TJ continues to deliver what her clients need in order to either reassure, guide or allow them to move on after a loss.

Her increasing popularity has led to TJ making a number of appearances on television including for the Extra Factor for ITV and appearing on Destiny TV, as well as appearing for Zone Reality television in twenty one episodes of Psychic Private Eyes, which she worked on whilst also investigating other police cases like missing people and unsolved cases for CBS Reality television in America.  She has even been asked to provide a psychic reading for HRH Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall during an appearance on daytime television with well known British Hosts Richard Madely and Judy Finnegan.

Theatre Shows and Books

As well as hosting her own theatre tour TJ has worked with both Colin Fry and Derek Acorah in presenting the Three Mediums theatre tour which toured four of the UK’s major cities and included a highly popular sell out performance at London’s famous Hammersmith Apollo theatre.  A further Three Mediums Series is also planned for the future.  With two books currently to her name; Signs from the Afterlife and Living with the Gift she is at present working on the third literary offering which is due to be published later in the year.  TJ also writes regular articles and columns for Spirit and Destiny magazine and also Fate and Fortune magazine.

Towards the Future

Throughout her life TJ Higgs has wanted others to understand her gifts and be able to share in her knowledge, to further promote this she will be opening her first spiritual centre at the beginning of June 2012, and she is thrilled that she is seeing the realisation of a lifelong dream.  It is hoped that this new centre for spiritual studies will offer workshops and seminars that will allow people to further understand the spiritual realm and help then to develop their own psychic skills and talents.  In the meantime TJ will continue to tour, provide theatre shows and will continue working on her book in order that she can reach as many people as possible that need her help and guidance in the physical realm.

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