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Tina Resch is linked forever with the phenomenon of spontaneous telekinesis. There is an image of her with a flying phone which has been viewed the world over. The image was captured in 1984 when she was fourteen years old. In the image she can be seen recoiling from the object, a telephone which is flying across the room in front of her. There are a number of witnesses that have claimed to observe objects randomly flying across the room, and in unoccupied rooms while they have been in another room with Tina. There are other photographs too where Tina is seated in the room with witnesses and two telephones fly across the room in front of the camera. From their trajectory there is no way that Tina could have done anything physically to send them flying. This is a phenomenon that is all about uncontrolled psychic power. This is only a small example of the phenomenon that regularly occurred in the Resch household.

An Unnerved Family

Amongst the phenomena that the family claim to have witnessed are objects moving around rooms on their own, the shower in the bathroom turning on all by itself and the hands of the clocks in the house moving at an abnormal speed. Pictures were said to rattle and shake against the walls, once removed from the walls and placed for safety behind the sofa they would slide out and come back into view on at least three occasions. The phenomena seemed to be centred around Tina, where she moved the phenomena followed. It was Tina’s adoptive parents that called in the psychic investigators. They were highly regarded in their local community as caring foster parents to a number of needy children. Caring for more than two hundred and fifty children throughout their career they knew all about attention seeking behaviour but this was something they had no experience of.

A Difference of Opinion

While there are some that claim all of the phenomena were the results of some form of physical manipulation, there are generally people who never got the chance to observe any of the phenomena first hand. Ask anyone who spent any time with Tina and they will affirm that Tina had nothing to do with anything that occurred – other than being the focus of the psychic energy that manifested the phenomena.

The case of Tina Resch was investigated by the Unsolved Mysteries team. It was aired in the US in 1993 and showed an interview with Tina’s mother, as well as with the photo journalists that witnessed the effects of Tina’s presence. Poltergeist activity is widely regarded to be linked to pre-pubescent teens and to continue throughout their teenage years only subsiding when the child reaches full adulthood. Whether this is down to the changes in body and brain chemistry no one can really explain, yet there are recorded cases the world over that support the existence of the poltergeist entity and the phenomenon that it causes, all centred around the focus of its attention.

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