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During the 1960’s Ted Owens claimed that he had made contact with beings that were not of this Earth; extra terrestrials. He called these beings ‘Space Intelligences’ and claimed that they existed in many different dimensions at the same time.  He also said that they were extremely advanced, far more so than anything the Earth had ever experienced. What stands out in the literature surrounding his case is that unlike others that have claimed to have made contact with extra terrestrials, he never claims to have been abducted, gone for a ride in a flying saucer or met with a probe of any kind. It was his claim that all of the communication was done via his mind, a form of telepathic communication from an out of this world source. He claimed that the messages that he received were meant for others and that is was his job to become some kind of ambassador for these beings and to communicate with the people of Earth on their behalf. These are incredible claims to have made, but this was Ted Owens and he was already known as being something out of the ordinary.

Psychic Ability

Ted Owens claimed that he had the psychic power required to not only make predictions about the future and heal the sick and infirm, he claimed that he had the ability to control the weather. There is no disputing that he did indeed possess a powerful brain. He was a member of MENSA and had an IQ of 150 which by all accounts made him something of a genius. He was clearly not then, some man on the street looking to gain attention by making outlandish and impossible claims. There are some who believe that his incredible brain power was the result of several severe head traumas experienced in his youth, which may have activated parts of the brain that are not generally used in the average human being. This, he claimed, enabled this unusual two way communication, the first instance of the like since Moses, who he claimed had also been communicating with the Space Intelligences.

The Man Investigated

Ted Owens claimed that the Space Intelligences were beings of pure energy, invisible to the naked eye. He would however sometimes describe them as having an insect like form. He also claimed that the head injuries that he received as a child were at their instruction, so that he would be able to communicate with them in later life. There were many that investigated his somewhat outlandish claims, though the objectivity of their investigations was always in question. They did however claim that they witnessed him controlling a lightning strike, he also seemed to possess an uncanny ability to predict where the next UFO activity would take place. These predictions would be confirmed by the dozens of reports filed with the authorities regarding unexplained sightings. Owens claimed that these abilities, the power to control lighting and hurricanes, were a result of the effect of the aliens training his brain to enable communication with them.

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