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Tamara Trusseau

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Like many people who work in the metaphysical field, Tamara Trusseau has a creative and artistic background having studied both the performing arts and dance. She has worked as a creative director and choreographer for a number of different organisations right across Europe. She also has a strong academic background with qualifications in linguistics, business and art and has worked extensively creating projects and developing new concepts for the leisure industry.

It was while she was living and working in Europe that she wrote her first book called ‘The Key to Your Dreams’. She drew on her extensive knowledge of the world of the metaphysical and approached the subject in such a way that the reader can easily understand the information contained placed before them. The book analyses the many mystical aspects of dreams from both an intellectual and psychological point of view. As soon as the book was published she was invited to do a number of radio interviews on the subject of dreams, sleeping patterns and the intricacies of the subconscious mind which opened up a new career in the media.

Career Development

Television appearances were soon to follow and Tamara earned a position on Sky Television’s popular Psychic TV channel. She is commonly referred to by viewers as the ‘Love Goddess’ as she is focussed on empowering the viewers to take their own journeys of self discovery, helping them to look inside themselves and be the person that they were always meant to be. Tamara has also written a number of articles on the subject of self realisation and other related subjects and regularly holds classes and tutorials on the same. She also is in the unique position of being able to use her considerable artistic skill to express more of what she receives from spirit. Her broad interests and experience mean that she is continually learning and developing in ways that she knows will not only further her knowledge but offer greater help to the people that come to her for guidance.

How Tamara Works

Tamara’s many interests mean that she has developed a lot of skills. She has plenty of tools in her repertoire that she can call upon during her readings including aura therapy and colour therapy as well as mediumship. She can also use several forms of divination tools such as runes as well as using crystals and automatic writing. She is passionate about card reading and hosts a number of different seminars and workshops related to the subject of cartomancy. Tamara has been featured regularly in a number of publications such as Prediction Magazine and has appeared on a number of different television programmes across Europe. Her love of learning means that she is constantly developing not only the skills that she has, but new skills that will add to her already broad metaphysical knowledge. She feels that she has been especially blessed to be able to pass on what she knows through a number of different channels, from readings to her artistic endeavours.

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