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Known around the world to millions of people as a bestselling author, lecturer, spiritual teacher and acclaimed researcher in the area of parapsychology, Sylvia Browne has clients all around the world, from every continent who come to her for guidance and counsel.  As with many respected mediums Sylvia became aware of her gifts at an early age, with her earliest memories dating from when she was three years old.  Her gifts were encouraged by her family and she became known amongst her friends and her neighbourhood for assisting people in seeing their way forwards into the future.

The Nirvana Foundation

In 1974 Sylvia realised a dream of having a legally accredited paranormal research centre when she opened the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research (Now the Sylvia Browne Corporation); this centre was created to further develop the research into the paranormal, and provide better understanding of the world of parapsychology.  Through this non profit entity Sylvia has assisted thousands of individuals in understanding their life and their purpose here, allowing them to find their way forwards and to find God in their own personal way.  Sylvia is a great believer in the events of our past lives being the key to any difficulties that we face in the present, and she uses past life regression therapy via hypnosis, as well as her abilities for channelling in a deep trance state to bring forward the existence of reincarnation as the key to understanding our current lives and situations.

In the Media

Sylvia has appeared on numerous daytime television shows across a variety of national networks, and appeared every week on the Montel Williams show for a staggering seventeen years.  She has appeared coast to coast in the US as well as appearing internationally.  Her public appearances sell to capacity audiences wherever she appears, and she is involved in many charitable organisations.  She spends a lot of her time trying to trace missing children as well as working with a number of police forces around the country to help solve crimes.  With over fifty published books to her name she has appeared on the world famous New York Times Best Sellers List an amazing twenty two times, selling millions of copies to eager readers all over the world.

Sylvia Browne founded the Society of Novus Spiritus, (Society of the New Spirit) another spiritual development organisation in 1986, with its basis in Christian Gnostic Theology; it is from here that ministers are trained that spread the philosophy of Sylvia Browne around the world.  Her life goals are to provide help and assistance to those in need, give shelter to those without any and spread love around the globe through an evolved spiritual community.  The newest part of her continually expanding business empire is the Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Centre where individuals are trained in the definitive hypnosis style and methods that she herself employs which can be used as a healing tool or as an aid in behaviour modification therapy.

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