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Sally Morgan grew up in London; she was part of what she would consider to be a normal family that shared a close familial bond, and though she considered herself to be a normal child in every way, those outside of the family circle thought that she was anything but, as somehow this little girl was able to communicate with the dead, a gift that not everyone can accept.  As this was a gift that she had seemingly been born with there was no great revelation or discovery of the talent as both she and it developed, she just grew up with it and accepted is as being part of who she was.

A Family Connection

Sally believes that her gift has been passed on to her from her Grandmother.  In the area of London in which they lived her grandmother was referred to as ‘The Witch of Fulham’ with most of the community there acknowledging that she was a medium with a definite gift.  Growing up Sally found her invisible friends as she called them, a source of comfort as there was always someone there to talk to when she needed it.

The first time that a spirit actually appeared to her is marked in her memory for life, at the time she was only four years of age and in nursery school, this spirit would have long conversations with her in the school art cupboard, leading to Sally getting reprimanded for spending so much time in there.

Career Choices

As Sally grew older so her connection with spirits developed, her skills with encouraged by her family and she was taken to spiritualist meetings in order for her to learn and develop further.  It was at one of these meetings with her mother that she met psychic Joseph Benjamin, who told her that she should further develop her skills and become a professional medium, Sally however had other ideas.

Nursing was the career that called to her, not mediumship.  It was during her time nursing in a variety of London hospitals that Sally learned to control her gifts, learning how to switch them on and off as it were.  She began offering readings to friends in the evenings and as word spread of her talents the list of people calling upon her talents grew.  In the end the nursing career was left behind and her career as a professional medium began.

Celebrity Clients

It was a meeting with Diana, Princess of Wales that turned Sally’s life upside down.  She read for the princess regularly over four years and it was this relationship which lead to Sally being approached by other celebrities, actors, recording artists and dignitaries alike, which is what earned her the title of ‘Psychic to the Stars’.  Regular tours, television programmes and her books keep her in touch with her loyal fan base, and whilst she still feels lucky to have been given this path to follow, she knows that it was always meant to be, and will never take her gifts for granted.

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