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Russell Grant is just as well known for his flamboyant nature as he is his astrology. There is something about Russell that has made him a welcome face in millions of homes across the UK. He was born in 1951 in Middlesex to parents that worked at the iconic Pinewood Studios. It is hardly surprising then than he became an actor long before he entered the world of astrology. As an actor he landed roles in successful sit-coms such as On the Busses, Please Sir and Doctor in the House.

It seems that Russell has long been a familiar face in homes across Britain, so when he switched career from acting to astrology the change happened quite smoothly. He began writing a regular column for the Daily Mail newspaper but it was when he encountered Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother at the Ideal Homes Exhibition that he really came to the public’s attention. He was compelled to give the Queen Mother an astrological reading, something that no one had ever done in the public gaze before. Subsequently, it wasn’t long before he exploded onto the UK media scene.

Russell Grant on Television

Russell started appearing on London Weekend Television’s ‘6 o Clock Show’ regularly, after which a five year stint on The BBC’s Breakfast Show followed, followed by another four years on TV-AM. He started pulling in more and more television work. His easy going, friendly and approachable style made him immensely popular and his appearances on British TV went beyond his astrology skills. He became a welcome face on a number of reality television programs and showed the nation that there was more to Russell Grant than a buoyant personality and a wicked sense of humour. He was very much the memorable face of 1980’s television and was known to be a friend to the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. Russell is still as colourful and vibrant as ever, though now he is showing the world a different side to the man they think they know.

Russell Grant and Astrology

Russell appreciates that there are many people who dismiss astrology as something frivolous, a bit of fun rather than a true science. It could be that the way that he presents his flavour of astrology to the world, makes it seem less scientific that it actually is. In the beginning astrology was nothing more than a side line to him until his encounter with the Queen Mother. Since then his astrological knowledge seems to have started to flow effortlessly with very little prompting.

Astrology flows in Richard’s blood and there is no event that cannot be explained by referring to the planets and how their positions reflect on what happens in our daily lives, whether it be communication problems caused by a retrograde mercury or the fact that Sagittarians love to travel. Russell will forever be a part of day time television history just as astrology will forever be a part of Russell Grant.

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