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Rudi was one of four brothers all born with mediumistic abilities. While his brothers may have shared similar skills it is what Rudi chose to do with this that make his the more interesting story. Rudolf (Rudi) Schneider was born in 1908 in Austria. Along with his brothers he would hold séances in his home town; though still only children their abilities drew lots of attention. His brother Willy was subjected to testing by a number of researchers and different academics before his abilities were declared real.  However it was Rudi that attracted the most attention.

Reports claim that it was during a séance held by Willy that the ‘control’ known as Olga requested that Rudi join them. Rudi was only eleven years old at this point. Rudi then also became a test subject. It was noted that while Willy preferred to hold séances in total darkness, Rudi was happy for there to be at least some light in the room during the proceedings. His father Josef kept records about all of the séances held by Rudi from 1923 onwards.

Physical Mediumship

There are lots of recorded examples of what happened during one of Rudi’s séances. One especially well recorded incident took place on December 8th 1932. The séance was attended by at least two doctors and no less than three professors along with Rudi around the table. The control ‘Olga’ made herself known and it was noted that Rudi levitated from his seat on no less than three occasions. Objects placed around the room also began to move. What startled attendees the most was that while there was a physical manifestation taking place there was also unexplained activity taking place in the room around them, far more than could be ‘manipulated’ by physical means.

As with many such investigations into physical mediums the researchers and investigators fell into two camps, those that believed the phenomena they had witnessed to be genuine and those that did not. As a result the following séances had two eminent scientists watching and monitoring Rudi throughout the event to see if he did indeed physically manipulate items to produce phenomena. Rudi was found never to move.

Still a Child

While Rudi seemed to be happy to undergo the barrage of tests that the scientists laid before him, it was only the one person who found that despite wanting to know more about the phenomena that was being produced they cared very little for the boy they were examining. They claimed that they wanted to witness more strange phenomena, more strange occurrences, when to the boy it was the scientists that were strange. They were armed with strange machines and devices that they chose to believe rather than trusting their own eyes and their own senses. After all as far as Rudi was concerned he was doing something very natural and normal to him and there was nothing strange about it, but for some reason these men of science failed to understand it or appreciate it.

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