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Rev. Jordyn Morrison Clason

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The Reverend Jordyn Morrison Clason is a fourth generation clairvoyant psychic and medium who offers readings and spiritual counselling services to her clients. She is one in a long line of people in her family with the gift and is a natural born medium. She has trained and absorbed the traditions of many spiritual practices and is able to offer a unique service to the people that come to her for help. She has known from a very young age that she possessed a special gift, Jordyn was very aware that she had abilities that her friends did not. She recalls that having the gift posed several challenges as she was growing up which at times made life difficult, but she has always seen her special gifts and talents as a blessing, a gift that allows her to help others. She feels blessed that she has been able to put her abilities to good use through the years helping in a number of missing person cases, offering insight and guidance to those who feel lost and unsure of their life’s plan, and helping those who are grieving to reconnect with their lost loved ones on the other side of the veil.

About Jordyn

Jordyn has many talents in her psychic skill set. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient as well as having the skills of precognition (Prophesy). The precognition allows her to look ahead into local, national and world events in order to offer the right advice at the right time to those that need it. She first started offering professional readings in 1988 and since then has been working full time as a professional clairvoyant psychic medium. She believes that it is part of her life’s plan to be able to help people manifest the lives that they want through personal empowerment using the tools that she provides. She guides people towards the life that they were meant to live and gives them the tools that they need in order to begin their own journey of spiritual awakening and development. She believes that what she offers is an authentic, honest and honourable spiritual service to her clients which comes with real results.

Readings with Jordyn

Through your contact with Jordyn you will discover that aside from the information that she gives you she can also open the pathways to healing and personal empowerment. Not only will you find the answers that you seek, you will also gain sound advice to allow you to begin the next phase of your life. Her readings will help you heal old wounds and scars from the past and empower your present to get the future that you deserve. Jordyn provides her consultations online and over the telephone as well as via email. She has more than twenty five years’ experience working as a professional clairvoyant psychic medium and has an extensive client list. People come back to Jordyn again and again because of the compassionate and honest advice and guidance that she provides at each and every consultation.

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