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Rev. Jane

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The Rev. Jane is billed as an Inspirational Energy Healer as well as a respected psychic medium and spiritual teacher. She is also an ordained spiritual minister. She is a natural born medium and recalls seeing spirits around her from a very early age though it was not until she was sixteen that she started to develop the skills that she needed in order to be able to work closely with spirit in the way that she does now. It was when she was sixteen years old that spirit began showing her what lay ahead, things that would happen to those around her. This precognitive ability stayed with her until the age of nineteen at which point she sought more knowledge about the ability and looked to Lily Dale in New York, regarded as the biggest spiritualist community in the world. It was there that she met the person that was going to be her most influential teacher.

More About Reverend Jane

Jane was ordained as a spiritualist minister in 1996 through the Harmonial Philosophy Association. Using her natural talents and studying hard she completed her examination and was awarded her certification for mediumship via the Centre for Spiritual Healing and Prophesy. Since then she has presented a number of workshops and performed spiritual healing through the healing temple in Lily Dale. She is also a fully certified teacher for a number of organisations including the Centre for Divine Healing and Prophesy, The International General Assembly of Spiritualists and The Spiritualist Mediumship Commission. Add to those qualifications those of a certified hypnotherapist and then advanced hypnotherapy along with being certified in past life regression therapy and you have a well rounded medium that has had a close working relationship with spirit for almost fifty years.

Constantly Learning

Rev. Jane is constantly expanding her knowledge base and in 2004 was awarded her Master of Science in Parapsychology as well as a doctorate in the same topic of Parapsychic Science earning her the right to add Ph.D to her name. In 2005 she left America and travelled to England to study trance mediumship and auras at the Aurthur Findlay College in Essex. In recent years she has become a master and teacher in Huna Reiki and Toltec Nagual Reiki III. She is also qualified in Quantum Touch therapy and Gentle Touch healing. She has performed energy readings and psychic readings the world over for all manner of clients and uses her strong connection to her numerous spirit guides to provide in depth and insightful readings. She is listed as being one of the Top 10 psychics in New York and regularly givers lectures and events across America.

In 2006 Jane published her book ‘Séance, Circle, Trumpet’ which details how to hold your own séance in your own home. She has also been featured in a number of publications by other authors including ‘Psychic Powers, Mediumship Enhancement’ by the Rev. Joe Brown, in which he extols his spiritual education to the classes he attended that were taught by the Rev Jane.

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