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Rebekah Fisher is naturally gifted. She was born with a talent that often frightens and confuses those who don’t understand it. It is a gift that runs in her family and she is just one in a long line of her ancestors that was born with a strong sixth sense. It has meant that she has grown up with a strong connection to spirit, not only to her spirit guides but also to the angels and other powerful beings that surround us. She is in constant communication with her guides and sees this as just part of who she is. As a young girl Rebekah had the ability to heal her pet animals simply by laying her hands on them and letting loving energy travel through her into the animal. This healing ability also extends into the human world too as she discovered when she attended a birth, after placing her hand on the mother’s sacrum, she relaxed completely and had a wonderful birthing experience.

A Family Connection

Rebekah has four children of her own who all share her gift; she felt a strong connection to each of them even before they were born. She now runs workshops related to spiritual birth and healing. She enjoys being present at a birth, not only to assist the mother during labour but also to welcome a new little soul into the world. She does not object to people calling her a white witch, after all she does own a black cat, but witch is a label that is somehow limited compared to what Rebekah can do. She is naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient which means that she can see, hear and feel spirit around her, both in the past, the present and the future. Rebekah is a light worker and uses the light in healing and in the manifestation of abundance and love.

How Rebekah Works

Rebekah can both feel and read peoples auras, this enables her to work on balancing the subtle energies that surround the body, balancing the chakras and aligning the energy of the body. She works with her spirit guides, the angels and the ascended masters in her work, clearing away all negative thought and energy patterns that lead to ill health and emotional imbalance. She also works with crystals and hypnotherapy as part of her healing work. She also reads the tarot and uses oracle cards, having received her first deck when she was just thirteen years of age. Rebekah also works with a number of corporate clients who come to her for business advice as well as those who seek help with their romantic connections and relationships.

Rebekah believes that she is living her life’s purpose now and is fully engaged in using her abilities to help and heal others. She sees her gifts and those possessed by her children as a blessing, and is thankful to those both in her life and in spirit who have helped her reach this point in her life. She believes that by being able to see a little way into the future she can remove the limitations of the past and live happily in the present.

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