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Psychic Surgery

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Psychic surgery is a form of healing that involves the medium going into a deep trance where he or she is taken over by an entity, usually of a medical background. Intense and dramatic physical surgeries usually take place under such conditions. Surgical instruments are used along

Is psychic surgery, the entity is usually able to communicate through the entranced medium, directly with the patient and others in his surrounding. It is not uncommon to see the medium in deep trance, singing, praying or even holding brief conversation with his patient, all the while performing intricate surgical procedures. Of course there are many mediums that employ scrupulous forgery and fakery techniques for personal and material gain. Such individuals exist in all walks of life, even in modern science as fake doctors.

Psychic surgery healers are very unique individuals, capable of delivering complex procedures that medical surgeons shy away from. Not all surgeries are successful but the majority are.

One of the most renowned psychic surgeons of today is John of God of Brazil. John of God is a renowned psychic surgeon who according to his website has healed well over 3,000,000 people from all around the world. John discovered his gift at an early age and devoted the large part of his life to healing. The surgeries take place in a packed hall or auditorium and patients receive treatment in full view of the audience and are aided to recovery rooms after their procedures.

Most psychic surgeries result in a positive outcome. Some patients may require more than one session with John of God depending on the complexity of their ailment. The results are miraculous and many patients walk away from years of agony and even disabilities. What is intriguing is sometimes John of God treats the ailing part of the body by surgically operating on a completely different part of the body. There are no logical explanations to make sense of all that goes on, after all the whole process defies all logical explanation in the first place.

Psychic surgery requires a great deal of commitment from the medium. He or she must surrender himself or herself unconditionally to the entities and trust will need to be developed and established in order for both to function in unison. John of God states that he himself is not the healer but rather the blessed entities that channel through him. He also claims that he is completely unconscious during the process and has no recollection of what takes place. He explains that when he goes to trance it is like he has gone into a deep relaxing sleep after which the entities begin the process.

As for the entities that heal through these remarkable mediums, there are many entities being reported by different mediums, some who even work through different mediums at any given time. Dr. Fritz is a very known and respected spirit of a German surgeon who died in World War 1. Dr. Fritz has been known to work a stream of different healers, each achieving extraordinary results using some very unique methods.

Different psychic surgeons have reported different entities and even including Jesus Christ as the healing entity. While sceptics have tried to debunk psychic surgery as a faked procedure, they have yet to explain the numerous miraculous and successful healings achieved.

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