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Phil Jordan has been working in the metaphysical field for more than forty years, during which time he has provided a respected psychic service to most areas of New York. Aside from his psychic services he is also a Pastor in the charge of the Caroline Centre Church, a small but well attended county church in New York. He was ordained as a ‘non denomination inter faith minister’ in 1988, and takes his role as Pastor very seriously. His psychic work has led him down many avenues including working with the local police authorities on cases of murder, arson and missing persons. He has keen investigative skills which combined with his psychic abilities have earned him the respect of several law enforcement departments, and has also led to him being called as a consultant many times. A number of the cases that he has worked on have been televised on channels such as Court TV, the Biography Channel and Tru TV plus many other international television networks. He has been sworn in by the sheriff of Tioga County as a deputy so that he can assist freely in a number of their cases. Phil does have police training to back him up as he graduated in 1976 from the New York State Municipal Police Training Academy.

About Phil Jordan

Phil graduated with an Associates of Art Degree (Humanities and Social Sciences) in 1970 from Corning Community College. Then in 1972 he graduated from the State University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education, his major being high school Spanish. He obtained his Master of Science in 1990 at Elmira College again in education which his thesis being on the subject of how the funeral service plays its part in the grieving process. He also graduated from the Simmons School of Funeral Service in New York in 1988, becoming a licensed funeral director himself in 1989.

One of the first things that brought Phil to the attention of the local authorities in 1975 was when he successfully located a six year old boy who had been missing from his home for seventeen hours. Two hundred professional searchers and volunteers had been unable to locate Tommy Kennedy. It took Phil Jordan less than an hour to find him, for which he lays all of the credit onto his psychic abilities.

Spreading the Word

The locating of the missing boy brought Phil to the attention of the local police authorities who then sought his help in a number of other cases, not only in relation to missing people, but also murders, arson cases and anywhere his investigative and psychic skills could prove useful. Aside from working with the police authorities and in his role as the Pastor in charge of his church he also finds the time to work with clients on a one to one basis. He offers private sessions, telephone consultations and consultations by mail to those that ask for his help. He also appears at fund raising events and house parties.

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