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Paul Solomon was born William Dove in Rogers, Arkansas in 1939. He claimed that he was able to channel information from a higher realm in order to answer the questions that were put before him. The readings that he delivered in this manner spoke of the validity of the claims of the existence of Atlantis as well as many observations and prophecies on how life on this planet would change in the future, covering aspects of religion, health and sexuality.

Like some of the greatest mediums that came before him his readings crossed the boundaries of his own faith. He was raised as a devout Baptist and throughout his readings he discusses aspects of non Christian teachings such as Akashic records as well as the process of reincarnation, which those from his own faith would frown upon. He established the Foundation of the Inner Light, an interfaith organisation in 1972, where people from different backgrounds and religious beliefs could come together to focus on the subject of spirituality.

The Early Years

The family moved around a lot when he was young and Solomon was used to having to make new friends and regularly. His father was a Baptist Minister and would regularly be moved to different areas to preach in many different communities. Both of his parents saw his unusual abilities, such as seeing auras which he described as being either good or bad lights, as being the result of the devil’s work. Rather than reading a book, he would place it to his stomach and somehow ‘absorb’ its contents. His abilities got him teased and tormented at school and his parents saw his as evil. Such a negative childhood took its toll and he attempted suicide. The attempt failed and turning to prayer he experienced what he described as a religious vision which would alter his life’s path.

His Life and Work

Following the breakdown of his marriage and the loss of his job Solomon became depressed. Turning to hypnotism to alleviate his depression he would ask a friend to send him into a hypnotic state. It was in this state that Solomon began providing channelled information. The source that spoke through Solomon claimed that it was not necessary for the hypnotic state to be put in place to allow the channelling to commence, instead Solomon should close his eyes and he would be led into a trance like state. He stopped providing readings after a couple of years, claiming that everyone could contact ‘The Source’ and gain the insight that they needed for themselves.

During the 1980’s he battled pancreatic cancer, and while hospitalised suffered three cardiac arrests during which he claims to have had an out of body experience where he communicated further with source, as well as angels. In 1993 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in rescuing Thai children from slavery. He died in 1994 as a result of the injuries he sustained while trying to rescue an eleven year old enslaved Thai girl.

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