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Nurturing Your Psychic Senses

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Most people when they realize they have psychic senses, want to develop them further. You may wonder, “How can I truly nurture my psychic senses?” There are some easy things that you can do to nurture your psychic senses.

Your psychic senses are sensitive, delicate. Many compare your psychic senses to having a small, still voice inside of yourself. To think of your psychic senses as a small, still voice is limiting them, as they are so much more. They are that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. They are the vivid dreams you have. As you pay attention to these psychic sensations that you have, you’ll learn to tune in to them quicker and easier. It is not that you become more psychic, simply that you become more aware of what is already existing and trying to communicate with you.

One of the first things you must do is simply learn to trust your psychic senses. When you have a thought you feel is psychic, learn to trust that it is indeed psychic. Many people question their psychic senses far too often. As you trust your psychic senses, you’ll become more confident. This trust is critical in nurturing your psychic senses for further development.

It is also so helpful at first to keep your psychic impressions to yourself. This may sound funny at first, because you may be very tempted to share your psychic impressions. But when you share your psychic impressions, you’ll receive feedback from other people. It is important to keep in mind that 99% of their feedback is emotional, and not actually based on how accurate your psychic impression is. Also if you are speaking to a person with a positive attitude – they will be more likely to give you more positive feedback. A person with a critical attitude will give you more critical feedback. At first you need to develop your psychic senses without the pressure of feedback.

Learn to play little games with your psychic senses during the day. Try to tune your psychic senses in to figure out what would be the best route to drive to work that day. Or what your coworkers will be wearing or what moods they’ll be in. Really focus and work on getting details. These psychic games may seem a little silly but every time you play you are exercising the muscle and these muscles will only get stronger.

Keep a notebook recording your psychic impressions. It is easiest if you have a little pocket sized notebook you can carry with you every day. Just jot down your notes. As you go over your notebook, you’ll realize just how accurate you are becoming. This is a real confidence builder.

Meditation is also a great way to nurture your psychic senses. Studies have shown that people who meditate have a stronger connection to their psychic senses. Start with just ten or fifteen minutes of silent meditation each day. This short meditation session will gently open you to your psychic senses and help you to nurture what exists deep inside of you.

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