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For more than thirty years between the 1960’s and the 1990’s the strange psychic abilities of Russian Nina Kulagina continued to baffle scientists. Her forte was in psychokinesis, the ability to move physical objects using only the power of the mind. Her abilities were tested on numerous occasions and in many cases deemed to be genuine. However not all were convinced and her abilities have been the focus of scepticism and critics who claim that the phenomena that the scientists claim to have witnessed were achieved as a result of camera trickery or manipulation.

How it All Started

She claims to have been aware of her strange gifts from a very young age. She somehow had the ability to see what was inside someone’s pocket through their clothing, and could identify an illness or disease by apparently looking inside the patient, prompting an image of the disease to appear in her mind’s eye. Once in a fit of anger she managed to smash a jug without touching it, causing it to fall from a cupboard to the floor. Her moods could cause the lighting in her home to flicker and objects would move seemingly of their own volition. This almost poltergeist activity stemmed from her and she needed to find a way to control it.

Testing Times

In 1965 after recovering from a nervous breakdown the previous year, she was subjected to a barrage of tests. The results of the tests proved startling. It would seem that she could see colours through her hands, as she was able to reach into a bag and pull out an object of the desired colour without looking into the bag. They also claimed that she had shown incredible powers in the field of healing, making wounds heal up and disappear. Her powers of psychokineses were also put to the test, and again the results are said to make intriguing reading. Interest in Nina grew to the point that she had to assume another identity and she lived for several years under the name of Nelya Mikhalilova. Yet for all of the incredible results that were said to have been produced they have never truly been published.

Psychokinetic Abilities

Seated at a table she could make an object such as an empty glass move without physically touching it. This power did not happen instantaneously though, hours of preparation were required to produce the effect. She claimed that when she was ready she would feel a sharp and painful sensation in her spine and her vision would blur. News of her abilities reached the western world in the late 1960’s. Many western scientists were keen to put her ability to the test themselves. In these tests the opportunity for cheating by using magnets of fine thread were removed and the act of her moving objects with her mind were caught on film. Later objects were also placed inside a transparent Plexiglas tube, eliminating the possibility of her manipulating the object in any kind of physical way. Yet as she placed her hands a little distance from either side of the tube, the objects began to move from side to side.

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