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With three generations of psychics and healers in the family, it would have been more of a shock when Niki was born if she didn’t present with any of the skills possessed by the previous generations of women in the family. If you were to ask Niki about her heritage she would tell you that she is a fourth generation healer and psychic medium born into a rich heritage of not only very spiritual but also very empathic women. Her great grandmother was not only a healer and a psychic but was also known to cast spells. It is claimed that people would travel for miles to visit her. Her psychic skills were widely respected as was her natural ability to heal those that were in pain and ill health. It would appear that these are the very same skills that have been passed onwards to subsequent generations of the women in the family.

Psychic Development

Niki’s abilities presented themselves as expected during childhood. She started having prophetic dreams. She remembers it as a time when she was beginning to sense what she could do but not having the power to understand what to do with any of it. Thankfully she had a supportive family to help her through the long developmental process. It took a long time to develop the maturity that she needed to be able to use her gifts properly in order to help people. It was something of a painful journey for her, struggling with the development of what were incredibly powerful gifts that she had no real idea of how to use properly. She firmly believes that it is her destiny to help others, but this was not made fully clear to her until she experienced a personal trauma that brought everything into focus for her. She lost someone that she held very dear.

Her Career

It was shortly after this life changing event that she started sharing her gifts with the wider community. Since the passing of someone she loved, she has found that she has a greater sensitivity to communicating with the spirits of the departed. She also specialises in readings relating to relationships and love as well as career and destiny readings. She does not rely on her inherent psychic gifts alone for her readings, but also employs a number of divination tools when reading for clients. She has found that she can bring relief from all kinds of physical pain experienced by her clients an as well as having the ability to heal not only chronic pain she can also alleviate most emotional and health related conditions.

Niki gains a great deal of satisfaction from her work and enjoys sharing her abilities with others. She also finds it reassuring that she is doing just as her ancestors did in using her skills to help not only the people in her community, as in the times of her great grandmother, but people all over the world who need healing, support or guidance to help them through a difficult time in their lives.

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