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Natalie Norton-Baker

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Natalie Norton-Baker is known not only for her longstanding place in the psychic community, with more than forty years’ experience to fall back on. She is also highly respected for the accuracy of her readings, something which has continued to increase over the course of her development. Natalie is a natural born psychic and throughout her life she has been continuing to develop the extra special skills that she was born with. In January 2008 she was honoured to be presented with the Australian Psychics Association Psychic Hall of Fame Award, given to her for her lifetime commitment to her metaphysical work, her consistent accuracy and her dedication to her work. This follows on from an earlier Psychic of the Year Award which she received in 2005. There is no denying that Natalie Norton-Baker is well respected throughout the psychic community.

About Natalie

Natalie has been working within the field of metaphysics since the early 1970’s. Despite training and working in the field of cybernetics and conducting some very successful workshops in this area during this period of her life, it was also the time when she began her real psychic development. She started working with her spirit guides to develop her clairvoyance and other psychic skills, and with the angels in order to develop her healing abilities. She developed her channelling skills and her clairvoyance and then began training to evolve them further.

Along her journey she has collected a number of qualifications in areas such as past life regression therapy, reiki, meditation and life mastery as well as in subtle energy balancing and other such metaphysical subjects. She has also earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology as well as in social work and counselling. She works to facilitate the psychic development of others and runs a series of classes and workshops in Australia. Throughout the years that she has been working in this field she has continued to strengthen her own bonds with spirit which has led to amazing accuracy in her readings and in the advice and messages that she receives from the angels and from spirit, making her one of the most respected people in this field in the country.

In the Media

Natalie believes that part of her mission on Earth is to enable others to undertake their own spiritual journey and develop their own metaphysical skills. She has developed development courses and classes for her students, empowering them all with the knowledge that they need and the right tools to enable them to achieve their desires. She works both face to face, over Skype, telephone and email and also provides readings on Australia’s Psychic TV. Natalie has appeared in a number of different publications such as ‘Spheres’ – the Spirit Guide Magazine, That’s Life magazine and Inner Self Magazine. She has appeared on several Australian television programmes such as Sunrise on Channel 7 and of course Psychic TV. She also officiates as a celebrant in a number of official ceremonies such as civil life celebrations.

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