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Narelle Scurr is the principal person behind Indigo Tarot. She is also a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and The Australian and International Psychics Associations. Having proven herself worthy of becoming a professional member, there is no doubting that she does indeed possess the skills of an accurate and insightful tarot reader. What Narelle offers her clients is insight and guidance, inspiration and validation from the world of spirit to ensure that her clients are on the right life path, shedding a little light onto areas where there was only darkness.

People come to Narelle seeking spiritual guidance and answers to major life questions. She works giving private readings, telephone consultations, email readings and at a number of local and national expos and events. The readings that she provides are designed to allow the client to reflect upon a certain aspect of their lives to enable them to find the answers that they seek while also helping them along on their own spiritual journeys.

About Narelle

Ever since she was a small child Naralle somehow seemed to have access to a level of information that should have been far out of her reach. Despite this ability making her stand out as different from her friends and peers she held onto her gift and allowed it to grow with her. As she grew and developed so did her gift and it has been developed and nurtured into the wonderful skills that she has today. Throughout her life she has worked on developing her spiritual self, involved herself in study and has practiced and adapted her skills so that they better serve her clients. She remembers that she has always been around tarot decks and cannot remember a time when she did not have one in her possession. Narelle also works in psychic circles where all members have the opportunity to develop their own psychic skills through learning and meditation. Her clients’ needs are at the heart of her business at Indigo Tarot and as such many of her clients are repeat customers or come to her from word of mouth referrals.

In the Media

Narelle is a regular on Australian Psychic TV where she works alongside other famous Australian psychics, plus she also appears at mind, body and spirit fairs around the country. She has also appeared in a number of local and national Australian newspapers where she talks about her talent and what it means to her and her clients. Naralle has appeared in articles in Cleo magazine as well as Cosmopolitan magazine which has brought her to the attention of a much wider audience. She also runs a number of workshops around the country aimed at helping people to discover and nurture their own psychic skills. Throughout all of the work she does she continues to develop her own skills and watch them evolve even further so that she may help others find direction in their lives and follow their paths to a more fulfilling life.

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