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Mimi Seton is not just a psychic medium she is also an award winning composer who graduated from university with a degree in psychology. She has spent thirteen years of her life in the UK teaching both music and acting at a number of well respected colleges around the country. These days you will find her running well attended spiritual workshops aimed at developing intuition, not only for the general public but also especially for performers and those that work in the arts. As well as the developing intuition workshops she also offers psychic readings at different kinds of events from spiritual events to wellness related gatherings. Private psychic readings are offered by Mimi either in person or on the telephone.

About Mimi Seton

Mimi received a boarding school education at what she considers to be a ‘progressive’ kind of school based on an organic farm. It was a thoroughly peaceful environment in which to live and study as there was no television or other electronic distractions. This wonderful, peaceful environment allowed her creativity and psychic skills to flourish and develop naturally. When she was seventeen her abilities were recognised by Jose Silva (Silva Method) who recommended her to Harvard University. At Harvard she became part of a group for individuals with ‘enhanced mental capacities’ and took part in a number of studies. She has completed studies in a number of different spiritual and healing traditions including the Science of Mind, Hindu Sacred Chant and various forms of meditation. Mimi is also a fully licensed NLP practitioner and hypnosis therapist. She started working as a professional psychic in 2006 and uses a blend of her psychological training and natural clairvoyance, along with her understanding of the spiritual laws to bring her clients what they need, whether it be during a workshop or in the privacy of a one to one consultation.

Mimi’s Workshops

As part of the Developing Intuition workshops which she runs, Mimi focuses on showing those people in the performing arts how to draw from their soul, both on and off the stage. She also looks into how they can drop the negativity of doubt, fear and worry and develop their self belief and self esteem to enable them to propel themselves towards success. Of course the main ethos behind all of these elements is so they can ultimately attract success in their careers, and a part of the workshop focuses on just that. The Developing Intuition course aimed at the general public is slightly different as it focuses on teaching those who attend the spiritual skills they need to use every day. There is also a section devoted to teaching children these same skills.

Mimi has spent a great part of her life devoted to her spiritual and psychic studies. She has studied at the College of Psychic Studies based in London as well as at university in America. She also became qualified in Buddhist meditation following training in Dublin. Mimi is also a fully licensed NLP practitioner.

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