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Michelle Whitedove was born with remarkable abilities. She could see things and understand things that her friends could not. Over the years she has been developing her gifts, she has formed strong working connections with the angelic realm, her guardian angels and of course her spirit guides. She relies on these connections for the clear and accurate information about life events, personal issues and even the future ahead. She claims that the readings that she provides have at minimum a 98% accuracy rate.

Michelle works with visions from the past as well as those relating to future events, she is also clairaudient which means that she also hears spirit voices and clairsentient, which means that she can sense in a number of ways when spirit is close by. Michelle is also empathic which means that she can sense and appreciate the emotional and physical states of others, both in the physical and in spirit. She has been working as a spirit medium for some time and has gained quite a reputation. She communicates with spirit through her mind’s eye, receiving images, feelings and sounds which she then interprets to pass on the meaning. She believes that by contacting her client’s loved ones who reside in spirit, this is proof indeed that there is indeed an after death existence.

How Michelle Works

Michelle works in a number of ways. Through channelling she claims to access universal information about the angelic realm so that she is able to communicate their teachings to us on Earth. She believes that through the growth of our souls and the development of our own psychic and spiritual abilities we can fulfil our true destinies. Michelle is also a reincarnationist and a self styled past life detective. She claims to be able to access the Book of Life to be able to conduct successful past life readings. She also works as a medical/health intuitive, having the ability to look inside the body to see where the root of health problems lay, upon which she then directs her spiritual and physical healing gift. When it comes to psychic detective work she needs to call upon all of the skills in her psychic toolbox and put them to work to solve crime, search for those that have disappeared or look into mysterious situations. She can put together a psychic profile which investigators can then use to help their own investigations.

In the Media

The publicity around Michelle Whitedove states that she was the first (legitimate) psychic/medium to have her abilities proven beyond doubt on television. The program was filmed under strict guidelines to ensure authenticity. She came out top on America’s Psychic Challenge which won her the title of America’s No 1 Psychic, and since then her abilities have never been in doubt. Her abilities were also examined in a HBO documentary entitled ‘No One Dies in Lily Dale’. She has also been interviewed on a number of mainstream news channels and on daytime television programs, all of which have focussed on her abilities and the reality of life after death.

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