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Michael Ryan (aka Michael Dean)

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Michael’s work as a professional in the world of mediumship began in 1992 when he was just seventeen years old, when he stepped onto the stage of the Harrow on the Hill Spiritualist Church and took the floor. His connection to spirit however, goes much further back, in fact as far back as he can remember. He was always aware that he had a gift, abilities he shared with past generations of his family. It was when his grandmother passed away, herself psychic that he found his abilities really started to develop. Even before he was twenty one he had made his television debut on the Psychic Friends Network in the US, plus he had also made an appearance at the London College for Psychic Studies. As if that was not enough, Michael already had a weekly radio show to his name and a client list that was filled with the names of celebrities and sports stars.

In the Media

Michael has spent several years as the resident psychic for Sky Television on the Psychic Today programme where he pulled in audiences in excess of thirty million people. He was also in the position of being able to provide psychic consultations on another programme entitled ‘Psychic First’. 2013 has seen him presenting yet another television programme, for a staggering seven hours at a time called Psychic World TV. If you were to add up his total on screen hours you will find that he has been on TV more often than almost every other professional psychic. He is also proud to have has his work covered by the CNN news channel.

Despite how it sounds though his working life does not revolve around the television studio. He still does regular live mediumship demonstrations in theatres in addition to running workshops and psychic seminars nationwide. He still regularly appears in spiritualist churches up and down the country and is involved with several charities.

About Michael

Michael is a natural medium, whose skills have been nurtured and developed over time. He prefers not to use tools such as tarot during his readings, preferring to use his connection to spirit to gain the information that he needs, trusting in his clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities. His readings tend to follow a pattern. Firstly Michael will outline what is happening in the here and now before moving on to what may happen in the client’s future. He wants his clients to feel enlightened and uplifted when they leave him, safe in the knowledge that they have received the comfort, guidance or validation that they needed.

Michael has a lot of experience that he can draw on, plus a strong connection to spirit which makes for clear communication between the realms. It is because of this strong, lifelong link that Michael is able to provide such detail and accuracy in the readings he gives his clients. This is what has earned him his reputation of being one of the country’s leading psychic and spiritual mediums, which has allowed him to develop a substantial following.

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