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As a child, growing up in a family where psychic abilities weren’t anything out of the ordinary, Michael Gourley never considered himself to be any different from his friends. His abilities showed through when he started attending school, as in all of the pictures that he drew he would include a golden coloured aura around the people in them. He thought that this was how everyone saw the people around them, not realising that being able to see auras is not something that most people can do. It was therefore down to his mother to explain to him about the differences in what he saw to how his friends and classmates saw the world.

It was Michael’s mother that encouraged his gifts and helped him to develop them to the point that they are today, she knew that she was going to have to be there to support him through his development and provided him with books and other learning materials that he would need in order to fully develop his psychic skills. Part of the development process involved playing a game based upon telepathy, his mother would think of a colour in her mind and Michael would have to pick up on the thoughts and tell her what that colour was; he was always right.

Testing Times

His teenage years were not easy; as with many children if you are seen to have something that makes you different from the rest of the group you are singled out because of it. His abilities made his friends nervous. Michael always seemed to know things that he shouldn’t, things that they were keeping to themselves. Slowly his friends started to move away from him and he increasingly found himself alone. His abilities reached a peak when he was around seventeen years old, the visions were coming thick and fast and it seemed important that he write down everything that he saw. Local newspapers would publish his predictions and then run a follow up article highlighting the accuracy of the information that Michael provided. Word of his abilities started to spread and before long he was being asked to provide readings. He became a full time psychic medium almost overnight, with a staggering reputation for accuracy.

Personal Struggles

The notoriety came with a price. Though Michael could do all of the things that were being asked of him, he understood little about the gifts he possessed. He tried to withdraw from his work as a psychic medium to try and spend time looking into himself in order to understand who he was and why he had been given such special abilities. It was during a meditation that he received his epiphany and finally understood his purpose in this life. He knew in his heart that he was meant to work as a psychic medium, to help people and to guide them towards the lives that they were meant to live, to awaken their own spirituality and allow them to find the answers to their own questions.

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