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Max Coppa was born in the Australian city of Melbourne. His father was of Italian origin and his mother was a mix of Scottish and Australian. As with many people born with a psychic gift or a sixth sense he tried a number of careers throughout his life. While he may have been successful he never truly felt like he had found his true calling. His career started at the age of eighteen when he joined the army. After spending time in the army he went on to have a successful career in football, moving onto football coaching when his playing days were over. He then went into business for himself before working in the building and construction industry, but none of these felt like they were the right career to be in. When he started working in the mind, body and spirit field he finally he felt like he was on the right path.

Dream Job

Max has spent the last thirty five or so years of his life working as a palmist, dream interpreter and numerologist. He is still just as passionate about the work that he does now as he was all of those years ago and still finds as much joy in his work as he did then. In some respects he feels like he is still is in the building trade, after all he is still working with his hands, although now he reads them rather than gets them dirty. He sees himself now as building on people, allowing them to develop their finer qualities rather than building houses, which is altogether much more satisfying to him. He finds the level of information provided by numerology incredible, stating that it is one of the most powerful tools at his disposal. He claims that through numerology he is able to include more accuracy in his readings and even provide accurate timescales for the unfolding of events. He believes that human life revolves around the use of number and he finds the whole world of numbers and what they can reveal fascinating.

In the Media

Max has written and published a number of books on the subject of numerology as well as on the topic of palmistry. His books have paved the way for him to be invited onto television and radio to talk about his work to the nation. He also regularly attends mind, body and spirit fairs to give readings and help the people that come to see him as much as he can. Max has also appeared in a number of magazines such as Good Health, That’s Life, Cosmopolitan and ESP. He still makes regular daily appearances on Australian radio. Max also runs several numerology and palmistry workshops across the country so that others can learn his skills. Max is just as much dedicated to helping people now as he was thirty five years ago and has dedicated himself to not only providing readings but also counselling the people that come to him for help.

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