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According to his own publications Matthew Manning is a psychic and healer. He knew about his special abilities from an early age, always being found at the centre of something unexplainable. When he reached puberty things started to happen around the home. Whether it was the result of his own psychic ability not yet being under his control or poltergeist activity is open to debate, yet the family would regularly find objects out of place and the kitchen furniture stacked on top of itself. Specialists were called in to help the family cope with the unusual phenomena. Moving house proved to be no help at all and as the years passed the phenomena increased in intensity.

The instances were not only confined to the Manning home, there were reports of unexplainable events happening at Matthew’s school too. It was at his boarding school that Matthew recalls having his first out of body experience. He claims to have developed the skill of astral travel and transported himself back to his home while his physical body never left his bed at school. He later used this ability to travel not only to a different place but also to a different time when he interacted with the spirits that lived in his home in years gone by, and even witnessing some of the events that took place at the time the house was built.

Automatic Writing

It was while writing an assignment for school that he began writing without being in control of the pen. At first the sentences that were produced were incomprehensible nonsense. With practice and perseverance the messages that he was receiving began to become clear and easily understood. While performing his automatic writing experiments he also noticed that the poltergeist activity that had previously been so intense suddenly stopped. He also began writing messages in languages other than his own, of which he had no academic knowledge. The writing also began to take another form. Leaving pencils in a locked room would result of scratching like noises on the walls, which suggested that someone was in there writing on the walls. Indeed when the room was entered signatures could clearly be seen, yet nothing would happen while anyone was present in the room. Many of these spirit people were subsequently traced through the parish registers for the area.


Manning travelled to India in 1977 looking for what he termed ‘spiritual enlightenment’. This journey changed the way he perceived his gifts and made him decide that he would work towards benefitting others. He subjected himself to a barrage of tests at a Texas scientific institution, the reports from which showed that he did indeed have psychic healing abilities, including the ability to kill cancer cells simply by concentrating and laying his hands upon the jar in which they were contained. He went on to become a full time healer seeing people in his own home and treating them for whatever conditions they presented to him, including cases that the medical profession had deemed incurable.

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