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If the name sounds familiar it is probably more for his literary talents than his psychic abilities. An authority on all things avionic he authored more than fifty novels including ‘Samurai!’ ‘Thunderbolt!’ and ‘A Touch to the Enemy’, plus many more books based upon military history. Add to his portfolio more than a thousand articles in different magazines and you will soon realise where you have heard the name before. Caidin was born in 1927 and throughout his life had a long term love of flight. He was an accomplished pilot too and many of his flight experiences appeared in some form in his literary works. Cybernetics was another passion and if you don’t recognise the name yet, you will probably recognise the title of two television shows that were based on his works. The ‘6 Million Dollar Man’ and the ‘Bionic Woman’ were based upon his novel ‘Cyborg’.

Psychic Ability

It was in the mid 1980’s that Caidin first claimed to have psychic abilities. Specifically he claimed to posses the power of telekinesis. He claimed that he could use the power of his mind to move objects without any physical intervention. His claims were based around the use of the table top based, small ‘energy wheels’ which are also referred to as psi wheels. On the whole his claims were met with a certain amount of scepticism in the beginning. However Lloyd Auerback, a friend of Caidin and also a parapsychologist endorsed his claims. He claimed to have seen Caidin’s powers of telekinesis for himself while accompanying him to workshops and various demonstrations. An article appeared in ‘Fate’ magazine in 2004 claiming that he did indeed posses the ability to move objects with only the power of his mind. However this was still disputed by some. James Randi, a magician by trade offered on several occasions to put Caidin’s powers to the test, yet the offer was always refused.

A Convincing Argument

Though there were those that doubted the claims, once they met the man for himself it seems they were at once convinced that his telekinetic abilities were indeed real. Every time Caidin was invited onto a television talk show he would use the opportunity to reinforce his claims. He would state that his gift was real and that he did indeed possess the power of the mind required to move small objects without any physical force. He believed it was his ‘inner energy’ that allowed him to perform these telekinetic feats, that combined with the power of telepathy. Despite the claims that these powers were demonstrated at numerous workshops and exhibitions there was no physical evidence recorded that could prove his claims. There are still those who believe that Caidin did indeed possess the psychic powers that he claimed, and these are generally the people that encountered the man in the flesh. For those who never met him and were never party to the demonstrations it is understandable why there is still such scepticism surrounding the psychic abilities of Martin Caidin.

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