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Mark Coleman has always considered himself to be intuitive, always being able to feel things about other people that no one else could possibly have ever known. As a child it did single him out as being different but it was something that he managed to take in his stride. Despite always having a strong intuitive sense it was only further strengthened by a number life experiences and paranormal events that happened to him through the course of his life. His real spiritual journey and journey towards self discovery happened after he experienced a life changing event in 2005 which opened up new spiritual and developmental doorways that had previously been closed. This is nothing new, there are a number of leading psychics and mediums that only realised their life’s purpose after experiencing what they term a life changing event, which could be anything from a serious illness to a near death experience, but it marks a transition from one life into another devoted to others.

A Thirst for Knowledge

Mark’s desire to absorb as much information as he could seemed to know no bounds. The more he was able to learn the more he felt that there was more to discover. Plus, the more he learned the more his own abilities came to the fore. He was guided along his journey by some very prominent and experienced teachers which included internationally respected psychic medium Lisa Williams, as well as some of the famous names from Australia’s Psychic TV such as Amanda Roussety, Mitchell Coombs, Ethel Daniels and Florence King as well as international reiki master Carly West.  Under this expert guidance his abilities unfolded themselves and he became aware of his true potential.

Rounded Skills

It is Mark’s desire to share the gifts that he has with as many people as he can, not only by reconnecting them with their loved ones in the spirit world but by utilising the other skills that he possesses. Mark is also well versed in numerology and tarot as well as psychometry, and is able to put all of these different skills together to provide his clients with a well rounded and in depth reading. His natural clairsentience and clairvoyance along with his empathic abilities allow him to connect with spirit on a deeper level than some others may be able to in order to help those that come to him seeking guidance and advice.

Mark is very proud to have been the first Australian to receive certification from the Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development. He also made his first appearance on Australia’s Psychic TV himself in 2012, where he can now work alongside those people that helped develop and nurture his abilities. This is like a dream come true for Mark as it now allows him to reconnect so many more people with the loved ones on the other side, helping those that are grieving begin the healing process and perhaps even starting them on their own journey of self discovery and enlightenment.

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