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Born in Denmark in 1950 Marian relocated to England in 1969.  In Denmark there has been a long spiritualist tradition, with many world class mediums being produced there.  It is a country with lots of spiritualist churches and development centres, including areas of parapsychological study.  So leaving this behind to enter the stuffy and somewhat staid spiritualist scene in England was something of a culture shock.  Trying to become accepted with the British Spiritualist church was a fight she wasn’t expecting.

A Less than Warm Welcome

Marion started work in the Spiritualist churches in London when she was 19, but she found her reception there more than just unwelcoming or unfriendly it was a very hostile one.  These churches had traditionally picked a medium from their own ranks to lead the church, someone whom everyone agreed was best for the job whether they actually had the right skill set or not.  The thought that this young foreigner, a mere nineteen years old, could come here from Denmark and start leading things was very unwelcome.  As a result she was asked to leave some of the churches she attended before they got to experience just what her skills were.  Marion never studied or developed her psychic skills in open circle or as a part of any spiritualist church but by working directly with spirits and following their guidance and advice.

Gaining Reputation

By working in the churches when the expected medium cancelled Marion soon established herself as a reputable medium and anything but a threat to the established spiritualist church.  Once the initial hostility to her working in the churches passed she was viewed as being a breath of fresh air in the church.  A few realised her potential and because of their initial faith in her abilities as a medium, she continues to work in them as and when she can.  Marion has worked in Spiritualist churches under the umbrella of the National Spiritualists Union for forty years now, as well as in the Greater Worlds Christian Spiritualist Churches and many independent temples, churches and halls.

In the Media

Marion has written several well received books and has made it onto Denmark’s best seller list.  She has also appeared many times on Danish Television, as well as all across Scandinavia.  She has appeared on American television in ‘Sightings’ on the Fox network and also on British TV.  Marion has made numerous radio broadcasts in many different countries explaining her work and what she does, she also travels extensively to promote her work.

Moving Forwards

Marion still gives up to three private reading a day at her home in Waterloo, London.  People come to her from all walks of life looking for answers, advice and guidance.  She is saddened by the way the Spiritualist church in the UK has declined and places a lot of the blame on the way that we live life today, always on the move with little time to sit and listen to spirits and serve the spiritual cause.

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