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Maralyn comes from a long line of Hassidic Jews, and believes that mysticism runs in her blood. Her great, great grandfather was a Rabbi, and his daughter and son were all kabbalists. She believes that she could have learned a great deal from Rabbi Pesach Hersh Orimland had he not have been slaughtered for being a Jew in Poland. With him died many secrets that she would have liked to uncover. She believes that some of the traditions and sacred knowledge were passed on to her grandmother Rachel, but she spoke very little English and the information was not passed on. Her uncle however encouraged her in her efforts to uncover the mystical secrets, believing that the fourth generation mystical gift had been passed down to her.

Maralyn was educated in Michigan in a school for the gifted and artistic. She went on to study poetry in Vermont and spent her time surrounded by creative minds and free flowing thoughts, all of which she believes allowed her to be open to the opportunities and mystical information that was to become available to her.

Maralyn the Astrologer

Brought up in the kabbalistic traditions she had to discover western astrology for herself. She struggled to find the right level of information that she needed until she looked to England for reference. She enrolled with an English school and immersed herself in her studies of western astrology and then joined their doctorate program, something which she then put on hold as she was drawn into the world of Vedic Astrology. She went back to England and attended an astrological summer school where she formed a friendship with renowned astrologer John Frawley. She studied his way of working and became adept at casting charts in Horary Astrology. The service that she supplies to her clients is a unique mixture of all of the different astrological traditions that she has opened herself to. Each client requires a chart casting and it is the complexity of this chart that determines the price of the consultation.

About Maralyn

She believes that astrology is a unique mixture of art and science and that every individual that comes for a consultation will require something different from her. She can provide information and insight into business decisions, corporate issues, health and injury and relationship matters. The type and tradition of the astrology that she uses in each consultation can differ, and she will not know to which tradition she will turn until she understands the reasons behind the clients need to seek out an astrological consult, as not all kinds of charts are suitable for all individuals or situations. Maralyn believes that the service that she provides is unlike any other astrological service currently available. She approaches her work with a truly scholarly attitude that can occasionally be lacking by other members of the metaphysical professions. A chart drawn by Maralyn can provide the answers to the questions that are troubling you, ease you mind as to the future and point you in the right direction for the next stage of your life’s journey.

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