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A disciple of Osho and talented tarot reader, Ma Prem Usha travelled around the world reading her cards to people from all walks of life. She was a lady who always had thoughts for others at the forefront of her mind. She spent more than thirty years as a disciple of Osho, and also spent some time in Mumbai (Bombay), along with her husband, and acted for a while, appearing in a number of films. When Osho moved to the United States they followed, and she then moved to an Osho meditation centre based in London for a year before returning home to India.

Ma Prem Usha claimed that it was a gypsy that first introduced her to the tarot, and with her already strong connection to the spiritual realms she took to the cards with ease. What she needed now was a place to use her cards so being an innovative thinker she took herself and her cards to the five star Sheraton Hotel located in New Delhi. Sat in the lobby she would play with her cards until someone approached and then she would provide readings. It did not take long for to her build up a regular set of clients. The hotel, loving the extra business that she brought in, even gave her an office to use for her readings.

A Blossoming Reputation

Ma Prem Usha also became known for her horoscopes that were published in the Osho Times and was soon contributing to other newspapers and magazines. She became known as the ‘Queen of the Tarot’ by the editors of the Hindustani Times and was developing something of a presence in the mainstream media. She was given a show on the Discovery Channel where she answered questions from her audience and from viewers. Her fame grew so much that she is even featured in The Lonely Planet Guide for India. For every column or horoscope that she published she would open with a quote from Osho, so that his teachings would reach as many as possible and spread the word of love far and wide.

A Lasting Legacy

Throughout her life Ma Prem Usha promoted the word of Zen Master Osho. She claimed that living in the world turned us upside down and that for her Osho and his words allowed her to feel the right way up once more, and this is what she wanted to pass onto the people to whom she provided readings. She wanted them to feel ‘right side up’ so that they felt right in their place in the world. She concluded that people lived their lived inside their heads and needed guidance in order to see the beauty of the world around them, and that the teachings of Master Osho could do just that.

Ma Prem Usha’s daughter has followed in her footsteps and also reads the tarot with a similar level of skill to that of her mother; she also promotes the teachings of Master Osho. She continues the good work started by her much beloved and respected mother and has earned a similar reputation for accuracy.

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