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As with many successful mediums, Lynn was aware that she was different from her friends at a very early age in her life. She believes that she can remember being in contact with the spirits that were around her when her was just three years old. She thinks that the best way to describe her is as an intuitive psychic medium though she is very well known for being very specific in the details of her readings. She remembers that as a child she would dream very vividly, later to find that the things that she had witnessed in her dreams would come to pass. As a child she had no idea what this meant, it took a near death experience to understand the importance of this ability in her psychic tool set. She still possesses the ability to predict things that will happen in the future and uses the gift to focus on the optimal life path of her client.

About Lynn

The things that Lynn brings to a reading are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, along with the ability to connect with spirit on the other side of the veil. She believes that part of her job is to help people to connect with their own abilities and guide them through the process. She has spent the past twenty years providing her clients with readings and insight and though she has never actively advertised her services, there has been a constant stream of people coming to her for help and advice. She is truly dedicated to the work that she does and has a real passion for helping people find their true life path. She believes that all too often we settle for something that feels comfortable rather than for something that makes us truly happy, and in doing so we miss out on fulfilling our soul purpose. She believes that part of finding happiness comes from breaking negative thought processes and following the flow of life as it takes us to where we need to be.

Law of Attraction

Lynn is a great believes in the Law of Attraction and knows that we can create a better life for ourselves simply by thinking positively about it. By focussing on the things that we want and making mental images of the life that we want, we can start to put the universal wheels into motion to bring those dreams into reality. The more time we spend worrying about what we don’t have and complain about our lives the more negativity we draw in and the more miserable and stuck in that situation we become.  The promotion of positive thought is something she is very passionate about. We should focus on what we truly want and then make the necessary changes to accommodate it, be positive about the outcome, positive about the differences that this is going to make and positive that the universe will answer your pleas, and before you know it you are starting to turn your life around.

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