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Lydia Clar is known around the world for her mediumship skills, as well as for being a talented counsellor, tutor and respected author.  As with many people who work in the field of professional mediumship, Lydia was born with the gift of being able to communicate with spirit, and again, like many children born with the gift learned to repress it as they grew so as to appear normal, the same as all of those around them.  It was only after she was taken to visit a medium by her mother when she was aged 18, that the desire to learn and develop her skills was reignited.

A Life Changing Trip

After a meeting with Ena Twig, a well known British Psychic whilst on a trip to Europe, and spending time at the College for Psychic Studies while in London, Lydia Clar decided to train herself and further develop her skills.  Upon her return to her home in New York she began attending psychic development sessions and studied other aspects to working as a professional psychic, such as psychometry, tarot and numerology, with teachers at the School of Inner Vision and the School of Transcendental Psychic Arts based in New Jersey.

A Personal Approach

A strong believer in the power of one being able to assist many, Lydia believes that anyone who is in possession of a psychic gift should use it to the benefit of others, thus working towards making the world a better and happier place.  During a reading or a meeting with Lydia you will be offered guidance and direction rather than being informed of the path that you should follow, as Lydia does not consider that her role is to tell people what they should do, rather allow them to make their choice from a list of alternative suggestions.  Plus if she senses that you have a gift, however large or small she will encourage you to develop it further, just as she did with the now world famous medium John Edward, who has developed his skill and now helps thousands of people in his own work as a professional medium.

Making it Work

Despite making numerous regular personal appearances on television and radio shows Lydia still spends a great deal of her time educating others and helping them to develop their own psychic skills.  In fact she is probably more well known these days for helping other mediums like John Edward than she is for her own psychic abilities.  Lydia regularly teaches classes on psychic development, meditation and the evolution of the spirit, as well as travelling around the world  delivering consistently popular workshops and seminars to those eager to learn and develop their own mediumship and psychic skills.

An author in her own right, Lydia Clar has published a number of books that have been internationally well received.  Her approach to the reason she was born with these gifts is different to some other famous psychic mediums, helping others develop as opposed to taking the stage and making regular tours.

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