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Like many young children born with the gift, Lisa was used to seeing spirits around her. The only difference was she was so used to the phenomenon that she had no understanding that the people that she could see were dead, and that no one else could see them. She simply assumed that they were family, friends and relatives that were dropping by to visit. That is until they started relating the story of their deaths to her. Like many parents of gifted children her mother and father put it all down to an over active imagination.

Lisa lived with this gift without doing anything about it for a number of years. Then she learned that he grandmother was also in possession of this strange gift like Lisa. Like her she was also not actively using her gifts for any purpose, that is until Lisa’s grandfather passed away. Then her grandma came out of the closet as it were and started to make a name for herself in spiritualist and mediumship circles. She told her granddaughter that she too would go on to use her gift to great effect but Lisa wasn’t interested, she had other plans for her future.

Bringing it Into the Open

Lisa slowly started to tell her friends about her unusual gift, some accepted it without hesitation whilst others were filled with questions and doubts. She knew the truth about what she could see and was not going to let anyone tell her any differently. She gave her first reading almost by accident during a telephone conversation with a friend when she started describing details about her friend’s new boyfriend. She had no idea where this information was coming to her from but it was all confirmed as true by her friend. As a result of her friend telling others she soon started received requests for readings. Lisa’s notoriety as an accurate medium was simply spread by word of mouth, until it got to the point when the day job became history and she was working full time as a psychic medium.

In the Media

Lisa was invited to do some work in the USA during which time she met a TV producer who was fascinated by her gift. He created ‘Life Among the Dead’, a TV show just for her. This was followed by a show entitled ‘Voices from the Other Side’ and then ‘Lisa Williams Live’, all of which have been shown to a worldwide audience. She also has a weekly radio show on which she offers help and guidance to listeners, connecting them to their loved ones in the spirit realm. She also teaches others to develop their psychic gifts so that they too can go on to help people.

While Lisa does still do private, one to one readings she spends a lot of time on tour passing on messages from the other side to audiences around the world, as well as running spiritual development classes internationally. She now has her own school for spiritual development and runs her own network of gifted ‘advisors’ through her company Soul Connections.

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