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Unlike many psychics Linda Salvin was not born with the gift, nor did she try and ‘learn from scratch’ how to bring any buried abilities to the fore. The abilities that she possesses today are the result of several highly traumatic, near death, life altering experiences. Whether the traumatic events were placed in her life path in order to bring these incredible gifts to the fore, or they are a simple if strange result of severe trauma to the brain, is unknown. All that is known is that Linda’s life changed forever with the development of her psychic abilities, and those that have sought her help and guidance are more than appreciative of them.

Life Altering Incidents

As if being involved in one extreme trauma wasn’t enough, Linda had to go through several shattering experiences in order for all of her abilities to come to the fore. The first was a plane crash which took place in 1981. Upon evacuating the plane she experienced an out of body sensation, which marked a transition point in her spiritual development. A fire truck struck her in 1982 and in 1984 another road accident sent her towards the ‘white light’. Her healing skills appeared after major surgery in 1991. Her body later developed a series of tumours and it was through the surgical removal of these that she developed the skill of trance mediumship. Every life threatening and traumatic incident along her path has further opened up her connection to spirit, allowing her to reach out and help those who need guidance and healing. Despite having a successful career as an epidemiologist, she gave up her medical career and devoted herself to her spiritual works and developed a large following all over the world.

Seeing the Way Ahead

Linda Salvin began broadcasting on a late night radio show, on the back of which she gained the opportunity to both host and produce her own show in California before making it onto national radio on the cable network. Despite hosting a show with ever increasing listener numbers she managed to also find the time to produce an infomercial for her ‘Wicks of Wisdom’ products and study for and earn her metaphysics PhD.  She is often referred to as being a ‘psychic’s psychic’ as she is one of the people that other psychics go to when they are in need of a consultation of their own.

There is nothing about self promotion in the work that Linda does with the national and international media though. Although her name may be prominently displayed she also involves other healers, mediums and psychics in her shows, bringing different talents together to form a multidisciplinary psychic team. Her gifts are available to everyone no matter who they are or where they come from. Linda is very much a people person and her warm manner will make you feel very safe as she offers you psychic and spiritual counsel either in person or in one of the many seminars and workshops that take place every year.

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