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Lee Van Zyl has more than twenty five years’ experience in the metaphysical field. She works as a psychic life advisor for those looking for a little advice and guidance to help them find the right way through life. She works offering one to one consultations for those that prefer them to working with large audiences at corporate gatherings for both public and private sector businesses. Demand for her advice and guidance is high, and in order to meet that demand and the increased rise in request for ‘distance readings’ she set up her own website in 2001 alongside working with telephone consultations and internet and email readings.

There had never been a distance reader honoured by the College of Psychic Studies, which was established in 1884, until Lee came along. She was appointed as a distance reader, the very first, after an arduous vetting procedure in 2004. She still works for the college in this capacity today and is honoured to do so. She also teaches and lectures in the ‘Art and Practice of the Mysteries’ with many of her course graduates going on to acquire professional accreditations of their own.

How Lee Works

One of the areas Lee specialises in is in the field of numerology and she has a numerology book and card set published. She is also the only psychic in Britain known to use the Ancient African divination method of the Sangoma Bones. Lee also reads the tarot as well as utilising her ability to channel spirit. Remote viewing is also in her psychic tool box and also the ability to provide merkabah readings for her clients. She is highly respected for the accuracy of her distance readings using any of the skills at her disposal. She is also able to provide her clients with aura readings as well as angel, colour and merkabah crystal readings. She has spent many years focussing on the development of her skills. She is also talented in the field of graphology and astrology, so you can be sure that when she combines all of her skills, the reading that you get is very thorough.

In the Media

Lee travels extensively with her work and has appeared in many national and international publications. She has appeared in many national newspapers including The Times, the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday as well as a number of popular magazines such as Hello, Tatler and OK magazine. She also makes regular appearances in genre related magazines such as Prediction Magazine and Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

Lee has also made many television appearances on programmes such as BBC’s Kilroy, The Russel Grant Show and Destiny TV as well as appearing on Psychic Interactive TV and Radio Birmingham. She is proud to have a number of celebrity clients which includes actors and pop stars like Natalie Imbruglia and Danni Minogue. She is a psychic to several members of the British aristocracy, and also works with several well known national and international corporate clients.

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