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Learning to Trust Your Psychic Senses

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Everyone has psychic ability; it is simply a part of us. One of the biggest challenges is learning to trust our psychic senses so we can use them to our best advantage. These psychic senses can help us in love, work, family, health and success of every type. Learning to trust your psychic senses is one of the most valuable things you can do to benefit your life.

Some people feel that they can’t tell the difference between their own thoughts and a psychic thought. “How can I tell?” they may wonder. It does get better with practice. Like developing a muscle, this psychic muscle of yours will get stronger and toned over time. You’ll learn your own signals and discover just what a psychic thought feels like verses your own thoughts.

Psychic thoughts feel calm, loving and clear. When a psychic thought comes, it feels simply like you are receiving a fact. Emotions swing up and down, or go back and forth with the tides. We all know what the “voice” of hope, fear, love or frustration can feel like. These are not the voice of intuition.

Your psychic thoughts often will repeat themselves until you listen to them. So many people discover that they have these thoughts over and over again. Think for a moment about what thoughts you have repeatedly? These can lead you to your psychic thoughts. Our psychic senses often become louder when we don’t listen to them. Our psychic senses want us to listen to them.

Sometimes you’ll want to tune into your psychic senses until times of great stress or emotion. These can be the exact times when you’ll want your psychic impressions the very most. But often this is the most challenging time to listen to a psychic voice, as your emotional voice speaks louder often from anxiety or fear. Learning to be patient, to ask your question of your psychic senses and then to step back and wait for the answer is key. Trusting that the answer will come.

One of the best things you can do to trust your psychic senses is to simply start by trusting them for the smaller things. Start by making a psychically based decision on which restaurant you should eat lunch in. Listen to the answer and notice your impressions. Then try making a larger psychically based decision such as which store would have a better bargain for a major purchase you need to make, and visit that store to see if they do indeed have that better bargain. You don’t have to make the purchase, simply note if your psychic senses were accurate. Little by little, as you make decisions using your psychic senses, you’ll feel more confident.

It is also important to know that everyone can be wrong when it comes to their psychic senses. No one is 100% accurate. Backing up your information with facts and logic can be quite helpful – and extremely sound decision-making skills. But just as we all can make the wrong decision at times, we all can receive psychic information that doesn’t make sense to us. Learning to be humble about your psychic senses is critical to know that you are not infallible. No one is.

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