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Laura Daligan is a very down to earth individual which makes her very approachable. She works as a psychic tarot reader though she also works in the field of dream interpretation and also produces psychic art. She is highly respected for the accuracy of her readings and her clients really appreciate the compassionate approach he has to her work, which is important as Laura specialises in working on extremely difficult cases. Through her sensitive approach to her clients and her work she can offer a great deal of help to those that are suffering through the different stages of loss, grief and anxiety, allowing them to experience comfort and self discovery. He work in the field of dream interpretation has won praise from several areas, including politicians and journalists. She often receives invitations to celebrity parties in the hope that she can bring some of her skills to the events.

About Laura

Laura is also a healer, in particular using colour to heal. She draws on her natural abilities as an artist to help her clients find the right colours for not only their wardrobes, but also for their homes and to adapt to their own personal style. This is something that allows her to combine several of her skills, her talents as an artist (she is a published book illustrator), her intuitive senses and of course her people skills.

Laura is passionate about her art, she has something of a gothic almost witchy style to her work and has worked in a number of different genres, from taking private commissions for portraits to pet portraits and her own take on the images of the deities. She has received commissions for two decks of divination cards which brought her artistic skills and her psychic skills together. Laura has been offering readings for many years whilst at the same time doing what she can to promote a positive image of the world of witchcraft and magic. She is one of the original and founding members of Psychic Interactive which is broadcast on Sky Television.

In the Media

Laura has appeared on a number of different television programmes on all of the main channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as making appearances on the Sci-Fi Channel and Lounge Living. She has also appeared in a number of national and international newspapers and magazines from The Magical Times to Chat Magazine, and Bizarre to The Guardian. Aside from appearing in all of these magazines she also writes for some of them. She has a long client list which has some of the biggest multinational corporations on it, like Estee Lauder and Hilton Hotels. Laura runs a number of different workshops exploring creativity and spirituality and is a regular at psychic events where she is regularly asked to give talks. Over the past few years the demand for Laura’s skills has increased and she has become something of a celebrity psychic. Her readings however remain accurate and to the point, much as she is herself.

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