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Laura Boyle had a childhood that is familiar to anyone born with a psychic gift. She spent nights as a young child huddled under the covers, scared to go to sleep in case the presence that was in the room with her made a move towards her. It sounds scary, and when you are a young child who sees things that no one else can it can be very scary when your parents keep telling you that there is ‘nothing there’. In Laura’s case she would only go to sleep after her father came into her room and said a prayer with her, protecting her from the ‘perils of the night’. At almost the same time that she was dealing with knowing there was a presence in her room, she started on journeys through astral travel. Laura believes that her gifts lie in her Irish heritage, a land famed for its myths, legends and soothsayers. Many children born with the gift find that it disappears when they are teenagers, pushed to the background as a whole new world of friends, study and social activity opens up before them, but not so with Laura. As a teenager she was holding séances and learning about spirit rapping.

Continuing Development

Laura was in her twenties when she received her first tarot deck, a gift from her mother. After a frightening experience with a Ouija board, she had developed a whole new respect for the world of spirit and the cards immediately felt comfortable.  She understood that the gift she had was not something to be used lightly. It was in her twenties and thirties that she began to travel, physically visiting those far off lands to which she had astrally travelled as a child. She became vegetarian, learned yoga and breathing control, discovered meditation and became more aware of herself and her own energy. She went on to learn Reiki and upon completion of her Reiki Masters things changed. Her mother died. It wasn’t long before her parents in spirit made themselves known to her.

Changing Life Course

A new world of opportunity was opening out to her and she started attending psychic fairs as a reader and undertaking a hypnotherapy course. She felt as though she was being nudged forward into a new level of development. She developed an interest in past life regression and previous life regression adding more skills to her tool box. Laura was now at a point where she could look back at her life experiences and at her psychic development and start to put together her own development courses. She utilised her hypnotherapy skills to help people contact their spirit guides and started using a pendulum in her Reiki healings to more effectively balance the chakras. She moved to Spain, and worked as a psychic agony aunt for one of the Spanish newspapers. She now works for the Psychic and Soul television channel and edits The Mercury Magazine. Laura’s life continues to evolve and with each twist and turn come new experiences and new skills.

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