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Kerrie Erwin spent her youth on the southern coast of New South Wales. She remembers encountering the spirits of the dead from being a very young child. Like many children with the gift she remembers being woken up during the night by the sounds of footsteps and then when she opened her eyes she would see that there was a spectral figure stood at the end of her bed. Of course this was a frightening thing to happen to a small child, at least initially, and she would try and hide beneath the bed clothes in the hope that whoever it was would go away. It was only as she grew a little older that she realised it might actually be a good idea to ask what these people wanted.

Spiritual Awakening

As a teenager, Kerrie joined the local spiritual church and not only did the unusual things in her life start to finally make sense, she also felt like she was in a place where she really belonged. She began to share her experiences with other people and soon discovered that there were others who had the same experiences and the same questions that she did. This sense of belonging with others who were like her marked the start of her spiritual journey. She found that she had an aptitude for helping those that were grieving, given that this was part of her job as a registered nurse both at home in Australia and in Norway, she was dealing with death on a daily basis. But it opened her eyes to the possibility of being able to connect those who have experienced a loss with their loved ones on the other side. She appreciates that the unique gift that she has comes with a certain amount of responsibility and takes her work very seriously.

Her Work

Kerrie is a creative person and aside from her work with spirit she enjoys a number of creative pursuits.  Music has been a part of Kerrie’s life for a very long time and she regularly performs on stage. She has studied the performing arts which allow her to work as a writer and a performer and for a short time as a drama teacher. She also performs in another way as a platform medium, and also as a clairvoyant and traditional trance medium.

Kerrie has put a lot of work into her spiritual studies and has gained qualifications in a number of related areas such as past life regression therapy spiritual mediumship, Bush & Back flower remedies and clinical hypnotherapy. She is also well versed in both spiritual and crystal healing as well as reconnectve healing and reiki. She believes that it is her background in the field of performing arts that makes her so comfortable in front of the large crowds that come to watch her on the platform, though she is as equally at home giving private readings. Kerrie has also developed and presented her own course of metaphysical classes to help others develop their psychic gifts.

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