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Katie Keeley represents the third generation of psychic mediums in her family, a line that is traced back through her mother’s side of the family at least as far back as 1832. She herself has known she had a special gift from a very young age. She would play knowing that spirits were all around her and would think nothing about speaking of them with her family. To her being able to see spirit was normal, nothing out of the ordinary as it was something that many of her family members were used to. She knows too that each of her three children also has the gift, although they choose not to do anything with it at the present time as they are still quite young themselves. However, just as their mother chose to do when she was small, they have learned to follow their intuition which has so far kept them out of unhealthy situations.

How Katie Works

Katie utilises many different tools during her work including tarot cards, pendulums and angel cards. She also uses numerology and astrology as well as graphology and colour therapy as well as receiving direct messages from spirit. She is also fascinated by the world of dream analysis and interpretation. Katie works with both national and international clients either in a face to face environment or utilising technology such as Skype. She believes that each client presents her with something different, and whatever the problem she will approach it with respect, empathy and confidentiality. Her approach to her clients has meant that people come back to her again and again after receiving a reading from her. Katie has never felt it necessary to advertise her abilities, the people who need her always seem to find their way to her.

About Katie

Ever since she was just six years old, Katie has been used to being in the company of spirit, and having spirit be as much a part of everyday life as milk and cookies. Both of her grandparents were powerful and respected healers and mediums and she is proud to be carrying on the family gift and passing it on to future generations. Katie likes to make people happy, when the people around her are happy she is too. She has a way of making her clients feel totally at ease during a reading, knowing that at the end they will be feeling more informed and have a better understanding of where their life path is taking them.

The only information that Katie requests during a reading is a client’s name and their birth date, then it is down to her and her connection to spirit to bring forth the information needed. Katie also believes in helping others to develop their own psychic gifts and runs a number of spiritual development classes. She also publishes her own column in the ‘Spiritualist International News’ entitled ‘Ask Katie’, which has an international readership. She has also written two books, one on personal development and the other her autobiography.

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