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Karina has been practicing her art and developing her psychic skills for the past thirty years. Not only is she popular with UK audiences, she is having to meet an international demand for her ability. Karina has been a regular face on Britain’s television screens for around seven years, and enjoys being able to connect with so many people through this form of media. Karina has a vast amount of metaphysical knowledge at her fingertips, and is always able to draw on it to help the clients that seek her out. She believes that she was given her skills in order to help people and so this is what she does.

Whether it is to provide enlightenment or offer comfort Karina is always ready to help those in need of her services. One thing about Karina that draws people to her is that she is very down to earth and manages to inject humour into even the most dire of situations. Her personality is that of someone who people don’t think twice about turning to for help.

About Karina

Karina possesses a healing ability which works in tandem with her intuition in being able to identify the cause of a client’s physical problems. She offers suggestions as to how the problems can be treated holistically as well as alongside traditional western medicine. It is her ability to feel how others are feeling that helps her with her healing. Some call it clairsentience, others call it empathy, but whatever it is, despite is not always being a pleasant experience it does get to the root of the problem. Karina has broadened her metaphysical knowledge with travel, she sought to explore the ancient mystical sites of the world and uncover whatever secrets that she can.

Karina feels a strong connection to the earth and to the natural spirits that live here, as such she knows much about herbs and indeed has her own herb and wildlife garden at her home. She believes that there are plenty of nature spirits such as the fae, who are just waiting to help us every day if we only asked them. There are some that would label Karina as a witch, and it is true that she does indeed own two cats which fits in with the traditional image of a witch, but Karina is in fact much more than the label would suggest.

How Karina Works

Karina has a number of tools at her disposal as well as a vast metaphysical and spiritual knowledge at her fingertips, in order to provide her clients with their readings. She enjoys working with crystals both for healing and for any number of life situations. She is also making a name for herself as a past life therapist which can often explain any life issues of phobias that are apparent in the present. Karina has also been reading the tarot since she was twelve years old; she now uses the cards to back up the messages that she receives directly from spirit.

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