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Kara Nakfoor works in a professional capacity as a psychic healer, reader and teacher of meditation. She says that she has always been a people person and knew that she would end up working in a career in which she would be working closely with all kinds of people. Kara works in a number of different ways. She is clairaudient which means that she can hear spirit, she is clairvoyant which means that she can see the spirits around her, and she is also clairsentient, which means that she can feel or sense spirit activity. She uses all of these different psychic tools in her work providing energy readings and healing sessions.

Kara is very open in the way that she works, sitting in front of her clients, either in person or via video chat. With her client in front of her she can read the energy that surrounds them. In doing this Kara is able to tune into that energy and provide information on aspects of your life that are going well as well as where they are not working as well as they should. She hopes that after a reading her clients leave feeling empowered to do what is required to make their lives into the experience that they want it to be.

Sharing Skills and Knowledge

Kara spent many years working in the corporate world before relying on her psychic abilities to provide her with a career. She feels that this experience serves her well in the work that she does now. She believes that it allows her to work better with not only her clients but also her students and allows them to start making the changes that are necessary in their lives. Add to her skill set her empathic abilities and you have a wonderful atmosphere where anything is possible.

Humour also plays a large part in the sessions that Kara offers; she herself takes pleasure from the fact that she can find humour in even the darkest of situations. She believes that laughter opens up a person and allows joy to thrive.

About Kara

Kara believes that she is blessed to be able to share the abilities, the gifts that she has been given, with others. She knew that she was special from a very young age and even as a child was providing her friends with readings and offering to make people feel better through what she now knows was psychic healing. She now works in a face to face setting with her clients as well as via Skype and over the telephone. She claims that the readings she provides allow her clients to unlock the secrets behind what has been holding them back in their lives. She has also spent five years teaching at the InVision School for Psychics based in Chicago. What she offers the people she reads for is perspective, a new look on their lives so that they can identify the areas in the lives that are stagnating and in need of attention.

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