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To the people that live close to June Field, she is an average person; a widow who plays the euphonium and happens to be an expert in karate, but other than that average. However June has been labelled as ‘The World’s Greatest Psychic’, not a title that is given lightly considering the competition. She earned the crown in the 2012 ‘Battle of the Psychics’ which took place in the Ukraine. She beat the competition, a staggering 70,000 entrants to walk away with the champion’s title. The competition ran over six months and she was required to provide a number of readings on people, photographs, animals and even DNA samples. She is the first ever British medium to take the title in the eleven years the competition has been running. June works closely with her four spirit guides and communicates messages from those in spirit to those in the physical realm. She believes that part of her job as a medium is to reassure people that death is not the end, that the spirit does not cease to exist once the physical body passes away.

How June Works

June believes that all of her four spirit guides must have been connected in some way to the medical profession as she claims that medical information always comes through loud and clear, almost before everything else. She also says that all four of them are of oriental origin. Aside from the information provided by her guides, and the messages and impressions that she receives from spirit, June reads her client’s energy. She sits quietly for a while and tunes into the vibrations of that energy before relaying information about current health and well being, mood, and aspects of the present which are large in the life of the client. She regularly tours around the UK giving stage demonstrations of her abilities and travels to the US and Canada at least twice each year to do the same over there. She likes the obscure snippets of information that she receives, the things that would only be known to the client such as a relative’s strange quirks or remarkable incidents that the client will instantly recognise.

About June Field

June’s psychic abilities manifested themselves at age nine. She knew early on that there was something about her that made her different from her friends. She would awaken through the night to see her room filled with people, stood by her bead and staring at her. Naturally this made her afraid of the dark and she took to carrying a bible into bed with her. A fear of the dark still remains with her today. One of the hardest parts of her gifts that she lives with is knowing when someone is seriously ill or about to pass away, and not being able to do anything about it. She knows that there is limited understanding in the public about the way that mediums work and what they actually do, and she feels that many mediums get a bad press because they can appear vague, when in actually fact they can only work with the information they receive.

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