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There is a belief that psychic powers are passed on down the generations, and if you look at the family of Julia Laverne it would appear to be true. Both her mother and her grandmother were blessed with psychic ability and seeing the signs that Julia also had the gift when she was very young, they were there to nurture her talent and allow it to grow. Her mother had a talent for reading tealeaves and could often be found reading the leaves for the customers in her Walthamstow café. Her grandmother on the other had used her talents holding séances in the old parlour that lay behind the greengrocers shop front which she ran. Julia too opened her own business premises, a hair salon before she opened a business that was entirely devoted to her psychic work.

A Lady With a Vision

During a reading she provided for one of her clients she was asked if she would work on the design of a major new centre to be built in London. As the reading progressed Julia was able to identify a site for the psychic centre to be placed. In her visions she saw what she identified as Queen’s Ice Rink. She was dead on the money and the psychic centre is now located directly above the same ice rink. The psychic centre has a very atmospheric design all based around a Victorian Street. Each house along the street is themed and there is also an authentic gypsy caravan. Some of the most well known psychics in the city were recruited for the centre which is known as the ‘Psychic Mews’. The Mews opened its doors in 1997and has been regularly featured in magazines and on television ever since.

In the Media

Julia has appeared on a number of television programmes and has also been written about in several magazines.  She featured on Sky News in 1999 commenting on the predictions made by Nostradamus about the new millennium. She also made predictions on television about the marriage of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys Jones. She has appeared in a documentary for BBC2 entitled ‘The Mystics’, as well as in a show for the Open University about Victorian psychics. She has also appeared in publications such as Good Housekeeping and Time Out Magazine.

How Julia Works

During a reading with Julia she will employ numerous methods of divination to give you the information you need. Aside from her natural clairvoyance she will also employ psychometry to gain further insight as well as palmistry and nail and knuckle analysis. Combing all of the information that these methods provide she is able to offer a concise and in depth reading to her clients. All she asks is that before an appointment for a reading a client takes the time to focus their thoughts upon what it is they want to know or what area of their life they would like the reading to relate to, and of course no nail varnish please as this prohibits the reading of the nails.

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