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Judith Orloff is not what you tend to think of when you think of a person who works with the manipulation of energy in order to facilitate healing. You would probably picture someone who is as far away from the traditional medical profession as you can get. However in Judith’s case she is at the very centre of the medical profession. She is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA.

Judith Orloff has appeared on the Best Seller list of the New York Times and one of her books ‘Emotional Freedom’ has a television show based upon it. She uses her medical training in conjunction with her intuitive abilities to work with the energy of the patient to alleviate physical pain and facilitate emotional healing. She strongly believes that everyone has the power within them to transform negative energy into something positive.

A Family Tradition

Judith Orloff is one in a long line of physicians in her family, twenty five to be exact. She has what many in the medical profession believe to be a unique approach to treating her patients. She firmly believes that good mental health is a result of a body that it is in complete harmony. The mental health of the client she believes, is directly related to their physical, emotional and spiritual health, and in order to treat one aspect you need to treat them all. She has started to change the way that the medical profession look at the world of psychiatric medicine. She has given talks and led seminars and workshops on her approach to healing, and she is being heard by everyone from the top of the professional medical tree right down to the man on the street.

She was also employed as a dream interpretation specialist and consultant for the blockbuster movie ‘Inception’ and worked on the documentary that accompanied the release of the film.

Enhancing Patient Care

This unique blending of traditional patent care combined with intuitive healing can greatly enhance the level of care experienced by the patient. Her book ‘Second Sight’ gives the reader some insight into the challenges that she has faced in not only bringing her intuitive healing skills into the world of traditional medicine, but also in coming to terms with her intuitive gifts. The world of science has never been known for blindly accepting unproven healing methods or non statistical evidence. Yet Dr Orloff has proven her skills well enough for her approach to healing to be adopted by many on the field of psychiatry. She has also published a number of books aimed at allowing people to free themselves from the weight of negative emotions. She believes that no matter how bad a person may feel, or how negative they believe their lives to be, there is something positive to be found in every day, an opportunity presented by the universe to allow these people to free themselves from the negativity that surrounds them so that they can find their way to better mental and spiritual health.

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